How to Make Colloidal Silver

If you enjoy trying out new things on your own that is DIY, you can try making your colloidal silver yourself for use or rather if you can’t afford to buy some of those colloidal silver. In a way also, those brands that make colloidal silver are good in what they do that is you can’t compare your home remedy to their own.

How To Make Colloidal Silver At Home

Making colloidal silver at home is simple and modest to make. Handcrafted colloidal silver is frequently produced using colloidal silver generators that produce low quality, ineffectively characterized custom made colloidal silver, of generally obscure virtue, concentration, particle size, and particle charge. 

The absence of authority over what is produced makes a more noteworthy potential for causing argyric responses and expanding the poisonousness dangers.

If you want to make colloidal silver at home, there are certain things you need to know or do in order to get the best.

The basic thing to put into consideration is the type of water to use which is the basic.

To make safe and effective colloidal silver at home, you should have the most flawless water conceivable. You know not to use fundamental faucet water, yet the most flawless water you can get is refined. 


Meanwhile, the Silver needs to respond with anything it can in the water, particularly once you rip an electron off. Having ultra-unadulterated water is fundamentally significant, so the silver doesn’t respond until it is in your body that is the water must be distilled and must have passed through guidelines and meets up with standards.

The next thing is the silver to use, people use 99.9% or 99.99% unadulterated pure silver particles, however, we request the best silver conceivable. We have unadulterated silver manufactured for us at that point metallurgically refined to meet the 99.999% virtue grade.

The silver wires ought to be 12 or 14 gauge (AWG) unadulterated silver wire (14 measure is profoundly liked), and you are not to use real silver, as it contains significant levels of nickel, which is poisonous. Ensure you purchase unadulterated silver wire. 

There are a few merchants of silver wire, yet the silver wire you purchase ought to be bought by the foot, and you should buy a few feet of it since you will require 2 wires at any rate 12 inches in length and you will go through the silver wires at regular intervals, contingent upon how frequently you make the colloidal silver.


We screen everything in our assembling tasks with consistent in-process testing, however, you likely won’t have a scientific research center working under the rigid good laboratory practices gauges to monitor your items at home, leaving you to just pass judgment on the shade of the fluid you’re making.

We monitor various traits during creation, guaranteeing a predictable yield and quality, reliably on a cluster to-clump premise and year-to-year. Preceding discharge, we again test very nearly twelve distinct parameters to ensure that you get a similar top-notch item out of every single bottle, with precise measurement data and reliable outcomes.

Get to know the concentration

This is also important to know the amount of concentration you put in your colloidal silver. Concentration is basic since the total concentration of silver decides the wellbeing profile. 

From inspection, the main toxicity recorded from the use of colloidal silver is permanent blue or gray staining of the skin, known as Argyria, which has occurred as the aftereffect of devouring custom made types of colloidal silver or thought types of silver items (100 ppm or higher) or introduction to an inward breath of silver residue.

Although most companies that sell Do-It-Yourself (DIY) colloidal silver packs suggested a TDS Meter (Total Dissolved Solids) to measure concentration, however, a TDS meter is never proper for measuring the concentration of colloidal silver product. 

TDS meters measure the conductivity of water, at that point gauge the measure of broke up solids dependent on suspicions that are bogus for colloidal silver, ionic silver, and silver hydrosols. 

Meanwhile, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meters are unequipped for directly giving estimates for colloidal particles and are not proper for this kind of analysis. Silver concentration must be estimated by synthetic examination methods, for example, atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS) or inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS), in blend with fitting example readiness conventions and instrument calibrations.

There are different methods or ways colloidal silver are been made, you can not compare the way a commercial purpose colloidal silver will be made to that of personal use. Meanwhile for DIY also, there are different methods to it and we are going to analyze some of the methods for anyone that wants to give it a trial.

What You Need To Make Colloidal Silver

  • Three 9 volt batteries
  • Four alligator grips and 2ft electric wire
  • One split a piece of lamp wire
  • Two pieces of silver wire (999.99 pure silver)

After you have gotten all this ready, the next thing is to connect everything together to make colloidal silver out of it.

Step 1

You line up the 3 nine-volt batteries, then snap them tightly.

Step 2

Then connect each grip to the free poles of the batteries.

Step 3

Clamp a piece of silver wire with each free jaw and dip in a cup of distilled water. Then add 1-2 drops of saline, while you also make sure the wires are not touching each other(that is 1 inch apart).

Step 4

After this process, the positive wire, start releasing silver ions clouding the water while the negative wire forms bubbles and make sure to use distilled and saline, because you need it for electrolyte as distilled water is not good conductor for electricity.

Step 5

When the water is cloudy whitish. The colloidal silver is ready which you can disconnect the apparatus and clean the blackened silver electrode for next time. You can now make use of your homemade colloidal silver to kill bacteria and viruses.

How To Make Colloidal Silver With Distilled Water

This method is the use of two pot and hot distilled water for making colloidal silver. This method works best with tap water.

Step 1

Place the two pots on an oven; then a distilled water in one pot (enough to fill your thick glass jar to the top); then the water in another pot. You need to use low heat so you don’t break the glass one. 

Step 2

Then heat the two pots of water to the point of boiling while the tap water pot heat to the most reduced setting and never microwave your water to warm it because it changes the sub-atomic structure of water and food. 

Step 3

Gradually pour the water slowly, into your thick glass jar, while you pour water cautiously and gradually as not to break the glass jar. 

Set this distilled glass of water into a pot of hot tap water. Be careful and gentle as all water, glass, and pot will be exceptionally hot.

Speedy, Room-Temperature Colloidal Silver Making Method 

For this method, you need to use any great quality drinking water; about as powerful on regular infirmities as distilled water method; however it should be used within a couple of days.

Likewise the silver particle size is ordinarily bigger, so it will influence its use against specific living beings. Distilled is in every case best.


Although the reaction will be quick, the above cluster is under 2 minutes. Meanwhile,  coldwater yields a very non-homogeneous particle size. Let the water get the opportunity to room temperature or even better heat the water first (no microwave) and immerse your assigned CS-making glass. 

Within 5 minutes this batch is done. Note that the color is milky white and you will get to know if it is done when the batch is totally hazy (that is absolutely cloudy) which means do not have to see your hand or anything through the glass.

Hot Distilled Water Method

This method brings about an extremely little, tight particle range that stores in UV protected bottles for a year or more without silver aftermath because of particles losing their like + charge. 

In this aspect, heat is to some degree required to improve the conductivity of distilled water however light yellow colloidal silver can be made at room temperature which means that the procedure can take numerous hours to be that as it maybe 6 or 8 hours depending on the measure of water and the voltage being used. 

Meanwhile, one new 9-volt battery in a 4-ounce glass of water can turn yellow in 2 – 3 hours. 

Then you can pick a tip where you can embed the silver wires distance across into the opening on the tip. If not, you’ll have to cut the tip-off of the power supply cable, at that point strip the parts of the bargains and joining the crocodile cuts. 

On the off chance, that you see silver drawing in or adhering to the red crocodile cut silver cathode, you have it in reverse. Red positive(+) side sinters off molecules of silver and the dark negative(- ) side pulls in a large number of them.

You now have your colloidal silver ready for use, you can as well make the smallest, tightest particle size which is better than anything you can get from any shop.

Making Colloidal Silver with Colloidal Silver Generator

This method is quite easy and simple, all you need is your colloidal silver generator, jar with like 3 holes on the cap, distilled water.

Colloidal silver basically is distilled water with silver particles mixed throughout, it put the immune for boosting antiviral antibacterial, it is really good for the skin, you can ingest it and it is also a really good cleaning product.

Meanwhile, there are two types of colloidal silver, one is for oral consumption and skin while the other one is for cleaning. In making them, for oral you let it run for 3 hours while for cleaning it run for 6 hours.


You need a colloidal silver generator and silver odds, a jar with holes, distilled water because you can not use mineral water or carbonated, they break silver rods. Also, coffee filters for the end because you are actually going to sieve out the larger clumps of silver particles after the process.

Fill the jar with distilled water, then screw the cap, while the tube attached to the colloidal silver generator will be put inside the jar, the essence of the tube is that it blows air into the water and it keeps the water moving while the current conductors do not matter which one you put in first.

Then you run a current through the silver rods, while you run it through the water, then clip you clip the positive and negative current to the silver rod. Meanwhile, the little hole left on the cap is to let the air out and then plug it for three holes while it bubbles during this time.

After running for three hours, you sieve it with the coffee filters, then your colloidal silver is ready.

Homemade to Commercial Colloidal Silver

Truth be told the colloidal silver you make at home with a silver well Generator is presumably better than the one you purchase in the shops. If you are utilizing a decent quality silver producer, your home-made colloidal silver will in all likelihood have a higher ionic PPM (parts per million) and an equivalent or higher colloidal PPM. 

At home you are in charge of the procedure so you realize what’s going on. Unfortunately, some commercially made colloidal silver doesn’t get such great consideration. 

Meanwhile, commercially packaged colloidal silver is frequently made using a similar procedure yet it is made quick, regularly at high voltages, and in mass amounts. It is incredibly difficult to control the nature of enormous amounts so a great deal of mystery is included. 

Also, it is difficult and tedious to deliver great quality colloidal silver with a long time span of usability, some business makers settle for a fast, simple, low ppm item (5 ppm is a typical ‘norm’). 

Autonomous tests have demonstrated that the real PPM ( parts per million) in certain items fluctuates gigantically based on what is stated on the label that is it’s much lower. Truth be told some commercial products were so low in silver substance it was viewed as in ‘homeopathic amounts’ which is a good way of saying that the silver substance was for all intents and purposes nil.

However, surprisingly more dreadful, some other commercially produced high ppm colloidal silvers are really mellow silver protein (that is a sort of chemically produced silver concentrate) which has been known in some uncommon cases to produce gentle argyria. 

In essence, the silver generator makes safe, clear, colloidal silver every time and it does it consequently.

The color of colloidal silver at home is also one thing that throws people into confusion. Some people say light yellow was the perfect color for making colloidal silver. This was a sensible articulation, yet it was likewise to a great extent a matter of comfort for clients of essential generators, as the color change from clear to light yellow gave a visual sign that the time had come to stop. 

But as things continue to change from time to time, as of today the current-controlled, generators with a blending system like the silver well are intended to diagnose treat and produce little particles and disconnected particles, so the colloidal silver remains clear in any situation when moderately high PPM colloidal silver is produced. 

In conclusion, yellow is okay but clear is ideal.


With this review above, you should be able to lay your hand on any of the methods for making colloidal silver to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Also, you don’t need a silver generator before you can achieve making colloidal silver while you also don’t abuse the use of it and make sure it evaluated by the fda when need be.

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