Best Colloidal Silver Generator

For several years now, colloidal silver has been with us and was mainly used in the prevention of fungal, infectious, and bacterial infections. Colloidal is a term used for different materials, in particular compounds. While people used the term colloidal in the past, it’s not very accurate, particularly with the colloidal silver’s current scientific understanding.

The explanation people used the term “colloid” to describe materials in the past was a result of an effort to classify materials that did not have traditional definitions and classifications as “phenomenal state of.” But now that term does not apply to the definition anymore

The word “colloid” was thus misapplied to a broad variety of materials that were essentially and greatly different than what we currently consider “colloids.” Since then, colloids have been assigned more correct scientific names and definitions.

Best Colloidal Silver Generator – Quick Answer

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A colloidal silver generator is a tool used for dispersing sub-micron-shaped ions of silver and crystals into liquids. In short, the colloidal silver is used to manufacture it. Other proper names for the generator drug include ionic colloidal silver metal, metal hydro-sol, silver mineral water, silver vapor, and silver sol.

Best Colloidal Silver Generators Review 2021

  1. IONX Colloidal Silver Generator

The IONX Colloidal Silver Generator is the top on our list of the best silver colloidal generators because it is the first to use ultrasound technology to generate silver nano-particles. This generator advances the colloidal silver technology to boost the silver hydrosol’s effectiveness. You won’t have to fight particle clumping with this tool.

Colloidal Silver Generator

Using the IONX Colloidal Silver Generator helps you to get particles measured by 10 nano-meters in 20 minutes. This system can also provide you with other special features including a higher surface charge, durability, density, thermal conductivity, all of which provide ideal particle distribution and scale.

This revolutionary tool also comes with an Android and iPhone-compatible timer program so you know exactly when your work is done. This generator is very handy, portable and made of materials of high quality.

  • It uses ultrasonic processing to produce silver nano-particles.
  • It produces 10-nano-meter particles in a 20-minute span.
  • It improves bubble and magnetic stirring, thus ending the problem of clumping particles.
  • It contains a magnetic stirrer.
  • It comes with an iPhone alarm, Android tracker and an instructional app.
  • It includes leakage problems.
  • Customers also complained about the product’s customer service.
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  1. SOTA Silver Pulser Model SP7 – Best Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator

According to SOTA Silver Pulser Model SP7 ionic colloidal silver manufacturers, this is one of the cleanest colloidal silver generator available on the market. If a health score is given, this model could get one near to perfect. This lightweight device uses silver electrodes with a purity of 0.9999 to ensure you are also getting a pure end product.

SOTA Silver Pulser Model SP7 - Ionic Colloidal Silver Maker and Microcurrents for Micropulsing with Wall Adaptor

The SOTA Silver Pulser Model SP7 Ionic Colloidal Silver generator also comes with an antibacterial coating along with an auto-shutdown mechanism to reduce contamination when processing colloidal silver.

This device uses low voltage, and it takes time to produce the end product in small quantities because of the continuous voltage used by this device, even when the battery begins to wear down it retains stable operation. It produces colloidal silver that is just the right size for fast absorption by the body.

  • It is compact, lightweight, and battery-operated which makes it very handy.
  • The unit is very simple to use and inexpensively manufactures colloidal platinum.
  • You can use it on your wrist for micro pulsing too.
  • It Comes with ample fine silver rods.
  • It also includes a carrying case and a variety of colloidal silver producing accessories.
  • It produces colloidal silver at a sluggish speed.
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  1. SILVERengines Proton Colloidal Silver Generator

The SILVERengines Proton Colloidal Silver Generators are the right option for you if you are searching for colloidal silver generators that are very easy to use. The colloidal silver generators uses an eco-friendly package since it comes in its own mason jar. This package contains everything you need, aside from the purified distilled water, to manufacture colloidal silver.

SILVERengines Proton Colloidal Silver Generator

The SILVERengines Proton colloidal silver generators produces the highest quality colloidal silver that can be compared to the market-leading, high-priced colloidal silver that you might find on the market. It even tests the quality of the distilled water before beginning the end product production process.

If there are any toxins it does not continue working until the distilled water is cleaned. This model also comes with a warning signal to inform you it has measured conductivity from the distilled water mineral material. But once it begins to run, you can leave it alone if it comes with an automatic shutdown function too.

  • Due to the fully autonomous process, it is totally user-friendly.
  • This system has a compact design that enables superior portability.
  • It comes with intelligent power over microprocessors and produces 10 ppm of pure colloidal silver.
  • It Comes with ample fine silver rods going to last for hundreds of thousands.
  • Relative to other goods it is very pricey but the cost makes up for the expense.
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  1. Colloidal Silver Generator Atlasnova

This is one of the best colloidal silver generators in the market. The concept of the Atlasnova Colloidal Silver Generator makes it easy to use even though it’s the first time at home to manufacture colloidal silver. This generator comes with two silver 12-Gage wires that are 4-inch long and have pureness of 0.9999 along with a 9 Volts battery. With this unit, you will yield between 4-5 hours up to 16 ounces of pure colloidal silver.

Atlasnova Colloidal Silver Generator - AC

If you have no experience with such a tool, you don’t have to fear because it comes with complete instructions. The Atlasnova colloidal silver generator package generates colloidal silver with a white hue showing the tiny fragments make up the material.

This is a product produced locally because it was entirely designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. As with all the other best colloidal silver generators on our series, this one has just the right characteristics to make it one of the best on the market.

  • It is very easy to use
  •  This operates on a 9-volt single pack.
  • Colloidal silver creates a white color that suggests smaller particles.
  • You will produce up to 16 ounces of solid, colloidal silver with this pump.
  • It contains full instructions for using the tool to produce the colloidal silver.
  • Concerns overexposed electronics and wiring.
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  1. Ionizers Silver for Water Colloidal Silver Generator

The Ionizers Silver for Water Colloidal Silver Generator allows you to create the water solution of the silver anions from your home comfort. When the direct current passes between electrodes, these silver anions become deposited. One of those electrodes is made of fine silver while the other is made of stainless steel.

Ionizers Silver for Water Colloidal Silver Generator 99,99 Pure Silver Ionic Silver Original

A wireless microprocessor powers the Colloidal Silver Water Pump for the Ionizers. It makes changes to the existing parameters and to the service cycle time based on the amount and intent of the solution.

This use of digital technologies adds to the device’s accuracy and also provides a fail-safe during operation. The “Drinking” concentration of the final solution you get in this process is 35mkg / l while the “Concentrate” concentration of the solution being made is 10,000 mg / l. It absorbs just 5 W of electricity and operates on a 220 V voltage.

  • It develops a -35 mg / l “drinking” solution
  • Produces 10,000 mg / l of “concentrate” solution
  • It has a power output of 220 V and 5 W
  • A decent product but is not the best at client customer service.
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  1. LifeForce Machines Lightweight COMBO-2 Colloidal Silver Generator

While you can also buy locally made colloidal silver, buying the unit would save you a long-term package. This computer allows you to make colloidal silver home-made more easily and at a reasonable price. The machine comes from LifeForce Tools, one of the world-class silver-based consumer producers. Being a producer based in the USA, you can count on hardly disappointing the drug.

Compact Combo-2 Basic Colloidal Silver Generator Package by LifeForce Devices (14 Gauge 9999 Pure Silver Wires (Pair))

Compact Combo-2 Colloidal Silver Generator is fitted with a battery pack, two six-inch 14 gages 9999 pure silver cables, four cover screws, scrubber, thermometer, mechanical timer, and several other components that you may require when making colloidal silver.

The battery case takes up to three 9-v batteries and can be recharged. This is a nice choice in case you want a device that will help you to prepare colloidal silver while you’re on the go. The batteries, however, do not come with the kit which means you have to buy them separately.

The 27 Volt unit produces in just 32 minutes 32 ounces of 5 ppm colloidal platinum. Unlike the 9-volt units that take 3-4 hours, I mean, this unit does the job in a fraction of the period of time. So, you needn’t wait long. The accurate timing map reduces the need for TDS meters or laser pointers.

The thorough and realistic user manual provides step-by-step directions to get the job done correctly, including for the first time.

  • It is well fabricated.
  • This is a unit of 27 Volts and comes with a tds meter.
  • It renders silver colloidal 5 ppm-40 ppm.
  • It Comes with ample fine silver rods
  • It comes with timing charts which are extensively checked.
  • The batteries do not come with a kit.
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  1. The Silver Lining Colloidal Metal Generator Economics Package

This device also has a simple way to produce metal colloidal. The machine comes at an inexpensive price, making it a perfect choice for a small budget operator. The kit contains two 14-inch wires, a silver wire brace for poly-carbonate, a scrubbing pad, a TDS meter, and two 99.99 per cent pure silver wire for 16-inch 12 gages.

Colloidal Silver Generator Economy Kit


I say it’s got everything you need to get you off the box straight. Also, as the pack does not contain most components, such as some options on the market, it will be a good purchase for users of colloidal silver that are mostly on travel.

The box also includes instructions that are understandable. And for their first time, the guide makes it easy for everyone to use the tool. The machine uses 3 rechargeable 9-V batteries. As with our previous options, however, you will need to buy as a separate order.

  • This alternative is low-budget.
  • The training manual is very detailed.
  • The machine uses 3 rechargeable 9-V batteries.
  • It is also ideal for travelling compact.
  • It comes with a TDS meter
  • You need to buy it as a separate order, this could be a bit challenging.
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  1. Nano-particle Colloidal Silver Generator 105-127 V (Black)

The nano-particles 105-127V is one of the best colloidal silver generator in the market. Nano-particles are small crystals, less than 100 nm in thickness. A greater number of these microscopic particles exhibit a larger surface area than a smaller number of large silver particles. Colloidal silver proponents contend however that nano-particles are more efficient than the larger samples.

Nano Particle Colloidal Copper Generator 105-127V

With that in mind, this device is designed to generate smaller-diameter silver particles. Since this process takes longer than the bigger ones, be prepared to wait for a long time. But again, if there is anything to go on then the underlying argument is worth the wait. The device adopts aeration technology that sustains microscopic silver particle production during the entire production cycle.

Interestingly, the generator comes at a price tag that’s pocket-friendly, allowing you to produce nano-particles of the same quality at the price fraction of other generators. The kit includes everything you need for making colloidal silver so that when the package comes you can get the work done like a pro.

  • Budget-friendly pricing.
  • This is user friendly.
  • The device takes advantage of aeration technology.
  • It creates smaller-diameter, silver particles.
  • It can be time-consuming.
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  1. Silver Lungs Colloidal Silver Generator

It is a Skilled Class Tool With just over a decade in operation, Silver Lungs has established its reputation by supplying consumers with high-quality and successful goods. And yeah, as one of the top-rated brands on the market, you can count on another device to give you the customer experience you ‘re looking for.

Make Colloidal Silver Generator Machine Economy Combo Kit Includes .9999 Percent Pure 12-Gauge Wire

The kit contains the pump, water test tds meter, silver electrodes, brush cleaner, reducing agent, magnetic stirring pin, wall control converter, rubber stopper, copper polisher, and instruction manual. And, but for bottled water, you do not have to buy anything separately.

The pure silver 7 gauge electrodes are thicker than the competing ones. The thicker electrodes have a greater area of the surface to allow colloidal output quicker than you would expect.

The instructional manual is written very simply and deliberately to avoid any risk of being mixed up in the process. Unfortunately, this unit’s cost suggests it isn’t made to fit all budgets even though it’s worth the price.

  • The package includes all the items you need to get going.
  • To guarantee long-lasting output it’s of high quality.
  • It lives up to the price tag, the cost is relatively high.
  • The manual is really well written.
  • Its cost may not fit into all budgets.
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  1. LifeForce Systems Portable EZ-2 Colloidal Silver Generator Kit

The EZ-2 will be a reasonable buy for you if you’re looking for a compact and versatile device that can get the job done excellently. As with the same manufacturer’s preceding combo option, this 27-volt unit produces 32 ounces of 5 ppm colloidal silver in just 32 minutes.

Compact EZ-2 Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator Package by LifeForce Devices

I mean, if you’re always in a rush and want a system to do the job in a fraction of the time it takes for other generators, then it’s smart to settle for this option. This generator is compatible with thicker wires, to make the operation much quicker. A 6-inch 12-Gage silver wire hastens silver production by 33 percent while a 10-Gage wire of the same length makes the operation quicker by 50 percent.

You’ll need to buy the thicker wires as a separate transaction though. The thoroughly checked timing map reduces the need for TDS meter and laser points, making taking along much simpler. To get you started the machine plugs into any nearby 120-V power outlet readily.

So you don’t really have to pay the expense of purchasing rechargeable batteries to store colloidal silver from home! In case you have never previously prepared colloidal silver, or maybe you have but get mixed up in the process, you can rely on the easy-to-understand photographic instructions to prevent guesswork. The push-button port secures the silver wires to get out of the trouble with the annoying cables.

  • It conveniently plugs into every 120-V power outlet.
  • It’s faster and more comfortable with thicker silver cables.
  • The unit is truly portable.
  • The timing chart is being thoroughly tested to ensure it is not misleading.
  • You will need to buy thicker silver wires, which are mostly bought separately.
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Taking into account the number of alternatives available on the market today, it may be a hard choice to pick the generator you choose. But if you base your decision on what we’ve already discussed or the variables the best colloidal generator has, then it’s easier to determine. Remember a high-quality generator will produce high-quality products.

People used colloidal silver well before the introduction of antibiotics in the treatment of certain diseases caused by fungi, viruses, and bacteria. It is essentially a compound composed of solid, purified distilled water or some other form of silver solvent and solid ions.

It has been used by people for several years and has proved to deliver a detailed range of health benefits. While the advent of antibiotics has limited the use of pure colloidal silver, its use is reviving today due to its effectiveness in infection control.

There are also supporters who believe the compound can be effective in combating diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, HIV, and other vital conditions. But its efficacy as a treatment in other scientific circles is still debatable.

Whether you’re interested in trying the formula, there are two options to go about it – you can buy professionally produced colloidal silver, or you can make it yourself at home.

You need a colloidal silver generator to the above, a mechanism that suspends electrically charged pure silver flakes into decriminalized water. Some other forms of liquid can also be used for this mission. If you want to make colloidal silver of the highest quality, you will settle for the highest colloidal silver generator present on the market.

A colloidal silver (CS) is a substance composed of distilled water (or some other liquid), and pure silver ions, for the sake of the uninitiated. This compound has been considered to have a longer range of health benefits for years. Until antibiotics were introduced colloidal silver was more common. In reality, for treating bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, more than a few counted on it.

The introduction of antibiotics, however, has seen its fame diminish, though its popularity has revived in recent years. Any of its supporters say it can cure diseases like tuberculosis, cancer, HIV, and other deadly illnesses. Nevertheless, there is already a lively discussion on how it fulfills all of those arguments!

There are two options to go about it in case you decide to test it out; buying colloidal silver processed professionally or cooking it yourself at home’s convenience. Now if you want to produce colloidal silver at home, you need a silver generator that is colloidal.

This system suspends pure silver electrically charged flakes into mineralogist water or some other liquid of your choosing. Clearly, you need a high-grade computer for the work, for grade colloidal silver.

If you’ve been searching for accurate, cheap, easy-to-use automatic equipment to produce colloidal silver of robust small particle size, well, wish-given!

Our colloidal silver generator-colloidal silver producer is a tool used to scatter sub-micron-sized particles and silver ions into the water, described as colloidal silver producing. Good names for the end product of what the colloid master disperses are silver hydro-sol, ionic colloidal silver, silver vapor, silver mineral water, silver sol, colloidal silver

This article compiles the best alternatives available on the market in a single list of the top 10 colloidal silver generators. Make sure to go through this analysis before you pay any cash on it!

What are the benefits of using a Silver Colloidal Generator?

Note the colloidal silver is a nutritional supplement rather than a source of medicine. Such products are just as pure, efficient, and healthy as the purity of their ingredients, the processing and testing quality requirements, and the duration of the assessment of the product’s potency.

When you create your own colloidal silver at home there are specific advantages. There is already a greater demand for colloidal silver due to the benefits it can offer relative to antibiotic demands on the market today.

Having a sufficient amount of the compound on hand would be nice and the best way to do this is by buying the best colloidal silver generator. It gives you knowledge of continuous availability of the material when you need it, as well as the other options for its application.

Now that colloidal silver slowly increases its equal market share over pharmaceuticals, there is a growing fear that the Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organisation could ban the compound’s sale.

However, if you used the generator to have full power over its output, you won’t have the question about a proper supply for yourself, your family and even your pets.

What to Look For When Getting the Best Colloidal Silver Generator

If you’ve chosen to make your own silver compound, research online to find the best silver colloidal generator. You may be surprised to find out there are plenty of generators available for you to choose from. But how do you know which ones are the best? Here are the most important features of a generator to search for.

Ease of use

One of the best colloidal silver generator features is that it should be both safe and user-friendly and that it should operate at home using standard electric current. The generator will be able to transform the current to low-voltage immediately so that there is no danger of electrocution per shock.

No expert expertise or ability should be required to run the generator. As for every other computer, a detailed, easy-to-use instruction manual will come with the generator. In analogy, operating like any other kitchen appliance should be as simple as that.

Economical and convenient

Make sure your choice generator is running economically meaning it won’t be using too much electricity. It will also come with everything you need to launch your colloidal silver generation straight away.

It will include all the accessories needed and all you need is the pure steam purified water and a clear glass storage container such as a Mason jar or a Ball canning jar. This container holds the water or any other liquid required during the colloidal silver making process.


The silver which you will use to make the compound should be pure and transparent. It should not have become contaminated with other heavy metals which could have toxic effects. We can’t find 100% natural silver, of course, and the best you can get is those refined up to 99.999%. This is the silver you’d want to use.

You will also make sure that the water you are using in the production process is filtered water of a prescription quality that follows USP requirements. Then seek to buy the silver from a distributor that has a GMP-certified facility to ensure the metal ‘s purity. These are usually bottled in dark amber glazed glasses.

Particle size

During the usual half-life, it is advised that the metal particles you are using will have a smaller scale because it is easier to turn them from an inert silver metal tank into positively charged bio-active silver of the metal in the body.

Moreover, the smaller the sizes of each actual silver particle that is trapped in the solvent, the larger it’s surface area. That also means that absorption into the bloodstream will be higher. These two factors make the colloidal silver more effective.

If it had fewer silver parts per million (PPM), the product would also work out better. Technically, one PPM is equal to one milligram of liquid per liter. When you read the labels of all silver-containing dietary supplements, you’ll see the overall concentration of silver. But it is the portion of the bio-active concentration of silver that makes all the difference.

This applies to the smallest, positive-charge particles! Keep in mind that a silver product that contains the most active silver species in partnership with the smallest particle size and the highest amount of positively charged silver will yield a completely safe low concentration of 10 PPM bio-active silver.

This is everything you’ll ever need to support yourself. Higher silver concentrations put you at risk of getting toxic. You will also aim for a solution with the highest bio-activity and a low concentration.

Third-party research

Another significant aspect to remember when shopping for a colloidal silver generator is one that reliably produces the product with the smallest particle size of the highest consistency. Often, make sure the machine’s supplier has the product checked by an independent third-party facility.

The silver particles which originate from the generator should be small enough to be bio-available. The particles will be as small as, or less than, one nanometer in diameter. This makes it much easier for them to be absorbed by the body and carried to the areas of infection, and just as easy to get excreted through the natural process of elimination.

If the maker of the colloidal silver generator you are intending to purchase can not give you any evidence of third-party tests to prove the size of the silver particles that the generator generates, so you will postpone buying the unit. The number one key for considering the effectiveness of colloidal silver is its small particle size.

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