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Firstly, we are going to look into what colloidal silver is all about and its functions.

Colloidal silver is a fluid that contains microscopic pure silver colloidal particles. It is made by presenting unadulterated silver to low-voltage power or potentially certain concoction responses while drenched in a fluid. 

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This procedure drives many small silver colloidal particles to get scattered through the fluid, transforming it into a colloid. In supplement structure, colloidal silver is found in fluid dropper bottles and once in a while in premade cases. It’s ordinarily utilized as an insusceptibility help, despite the fact that the clinical proof is blended.

It is believed that colloidal silver can be used for treating all sorts of diseases and infections because before the advent of modern antibiotics, it was an all-purpose remedy for people.

Best Colloidal Silver Review 2020

In order to assist you with finding the best colloidal silver product, we have looked into and limited the best colloidal silver enhancements available at the present time.

  1. Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol for Immune Support

This is one of the best products when it comes to colloidal silver. Sovereign pure colloidal silver products is the top-notch silver supplement in North America for immune support, trusted by millions for more than 18 years for its uncommon safety, quality, and efficacy.

Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol speaks to a definitive refinement of the colloidal silver class. It contains over 98% bio-dynamic silver ions and silver nanoclusters, in pharmaceutical-grade refined water. 

When it comes to the right dose, concentration, and particle size, sovereign pure silver technology is the best and most advanced in the business. Sovereign Silver highlights an exceptional molecule size as little as 0.8 nm (nanometers) that is why no other colloidal silver can demonstrate the equivalent. 

Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol for Immune Support* - 32 Fl Oz - The Ultimate Refinement of Colloidal Silver - Safe*, Pure and Effective* - Premium Silver Supplement - Family Size

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Although, the smaller the silver particles, the greater the surface area and the easier for your body to ingest and discharge making our 10 ppm focus more effective and safe than contending brands. 

In the aspect of production, it is only produced inside glass bottles to manage the cost of the greatest consideration and insurance accessible, paying little heed to the more expensive delivery charges and bottles.

Glass bottles are important to guarantee the security and nature of Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol. Although other sellers or brands of colloidal silver uses plastic bottles that may contain organic impurities, they can degrade over time and may drain into the colloidal silver solution itself. 

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Sovereign Silver has the highest safety, purity, and efficacy because it has only two ingredients which are 99.999% unadulterated silver and pharmaceutical-grade filtered water. 

Meanwhile, our silver hydrosol contains over 98% bio-active silver ions and silver nanoclusters. It is vegan. gluten-free, non-GMO, and without allergen. 

For over 125 years, colloidal silver has been used in countless applications. Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol has represented the ultimate refinement of colloidal silver. Due to its extraordinary finesse and energy, Sovereign Silver may be your most effective tool to maintain, sustain, and support your immune system in an ever-challenging and changing environment.

Direction for using, it is advisable to follow direction per supplement purpose for best results. Sovereign silver also comes in different sizes and usage for convenience sake that is as a dropper, spray.

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  1. Natural Path Silver Wings – Colloidal Silver 500 ppm – Pure Mineral Supplement 

Natural path silver is another product from another brand but this is actually 50 times stronger than 10 PPM solutions. It is safe to use in higher PPM strengths and concentrations because it is properly prepared pharmaceutical grade.

Natural Path Silver Wings - Colloidal Silver 500 ppm - Pure Mineral Supplement - Immune Support for Your Family - Powerful Healing without a Bad Taste (8 ounce,240ml)

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In other words, what we mean by parts per million (PPM) is the number of silver particles per serving yields greater concentration and increased immune system. Meanwhile, this brand offers products in 50, 150, 250, and 500 PPM. 

Silver wings colloidal silver is safe for the whole family and is made from naturally occurring elemental Silver, which has a color that is the amber color. The higher PPM, the darker the amber color colloidal silver suspension (liquid) will appear.

Natural path silver wing is a very pure strong pure mineral supplement which is effective.

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  1. 100% Natural Colloidal Silver 40 PPM 10oz 

This is another product from another brand for colloidal silver, katharos is the brand name of the company that makes this 100% natural colloidal silver. This brand put in all there effective in their research in order to bring a positive result out after more than a year of there research they were able to produce concentrated colloidal silver at 0PPM at low voltage electrolysis which is important since a more concentrated solution is more effective.

The particle size is also important to note, it contains 96% silver ions with an atomic size of less than one nanometre. The remaining 4% is between 1 and 5 nanometres. It is the ions, not the particles, that have a purifying power. Our solution is 96% ionic.

100% Natural Colloidal Silver 40 PPM 10oz ● Superior Concentration, Smaller Particles = Better Results ● Certified by 3 Independent Laboratories

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One of the good things we maintained in our company is trust, authenticity. We produce our solution ourselves, that is we don’t contract it out like the way some companies do at the expense of there quality. All the production down to the packaging is done by us because our customer’s health is our utmost priority.

In making our solution, we chose the purest water which is type 1 ultrapure water, unlike some colloidal silver that is type 2 or 3 ultrapure water which can contain more bacteria. Also, in order to maintain this high level of purity, we have chosen to use amber glass bottles.

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For better clarity for human consumption, at katharos we make sure we carried out our research in different laboratories which were certified by three. In order to demonstrate our earnestness, we have published all the analyses that certify our concentration at 40 PPM as well as our use of type 1 ultrapure water, on our website. We are the only company in the industry to share the results of our product analyses with our users.

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It comes in gel and liquid.

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  1. Kaiame Naturals Colloidal Silver, Ionic Silver Solution

Kaiame naturals colloidal silver product is easily absorbed and excreted due to its extremely small particle size of 0.8 nanometers. Another great thing to know about it is that ultra small particle size results in greater surface area, making our 10ppm solution more effective than other brands with a much higher ppm.

Kaiame Naturals Colloidal Silver, Ionic Silver Solution, 10 PPM, Large 16 oz Glass Bottle, Natural Immune Support Supplement, Safe for Adults, Children, and PetsClick Here To Check Price On Amazon

For the packaging which is also one of the paramount things to look out for safety use that is consumption wise that is why Kaiame naturals use only amber glass bottles to store silver H2O. Although, most experts recommend storing ionic silver in amber glass bottles versus plastic bottles to prevent the quality of the colloidal silver from degrading.

Kaiame naturals silver is made with only 99.9% silver and distilled water, no added preservatives, that is it is pure and natural. It is as well safe for adults, children, and pets.

Also, aside from health benefits that the colloidal silver is used for, kaiame nanosilver can be used for different things also like the following;

  • It can be spray on cuts, chomps, and so forth.
  • Spray on burns for instant relief.
  • It can be sprayed on toothbrush for the treatment of tooth infection, shower wipes, dish wipes, and so on.
  • If you like to top off your water bottle yet don’t have the opportunity to wash it, you can spray the top of your water bottle after use to shield it from smelling bad.
  • Spray kitchen counters, cutting sheets, and so on.
  • Spray veggies and fruits.
  • You can also gargle the colloidal silver to keep the terrible breath under control. 
  • It is safe to use on pets like dog and cats.
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  1. MesoSilver 20 ppm Colloidal Silver, 500 mL/16.9 Oz

MesoSilver 20 ppm colloidal silver is the highest particle surface area (PSA), which is up to 600 times greater than other products. It is also important to note that high PPM does not necessarily mean high PSA or bioavailability.

MesoSilver ® 20 ppm Colloidal Silver, 500 mL/16.9 Oz

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MesoSilver is .9999 unadulterated silver nanoparticles in colloid structure, a genuine colloidal silver, which implies transcendently silver particles NOT silver particles. It is aslo the world’s smallest silver nanoparticles, commonly under 1 nm.

It is non-toxic (per Material Data Safety Sheets). Colloidal silver focus is 20 ppm least. It is essential to peruse and comprehend why our item is distinctive from other contending products it is made with the highest purity, sterile reagent grade deionized water, with no potentially dangerous protein products.

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Uses and Benefits of Colloidal Silver

The uses are numerous but producers of colloidal silver products claim all sorts of benefits for it which some are not approved or there is no research on it yet by scientists. Although, some benefits and uses are already affirmative with the research carried out on it. 

Here we have the following;

  • Wound Recuperating

Colloidal silver has been shown in a study to have antimicrobial and clean properties. The researchers recommended that colloidal silver products be considered for topical uses, e.g, treating burns, periodontitis, and thrush. 

  • Inflammation

In a creature model investigation of contact dermatitis, nanocrystalline silver was appeared to go about as a mitigating operator, with an improvement in the recuperating procedure. 

  • Sinusitis

A colloidal silver preparation had the option to repress the development of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus in a lab study. This recommends a potential use with respect to sinusitis

  • Influenza

A clinical preliminary detailed great results following the administration of colloidal silver nasal spray to children with the regular virus. 

  • Antiviral

An audit article also examined the utilization of silver nanoparticles as a potential antiviral.

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Looking for a quality colloidal silver enhancement can be confounding because each brand guarantees its product as the best since it has “higher ppm” or is increasingly “concentrated.” In order for you to pick the best colloidal silver among the rest. We’d prefer to help by giving you 4 significant things or “4 P’s” to consider when assessing silver items and settling on your choice.

  • Positive Charge

According to research, positively charged silver ions are the bio-dynamic type of silver and are bioavailable. Consequently, make a point to search for a high proportion of emphatically charged silver as close as conceivable to 100% in the silver enhancement you purchase. 

  • Purity

This refers to how spotless and unadulterated the silver that is used to make the item is. Is it debased with other harmful substantial metals, or is silver the main noticeable metal in it? Silver isn’t normally 100% unadulterated, however, it tends to be refined up to 99.999% unadulterated, so search for an item that uses 99.999% unadulterated silver. 

You likewise need to be certain that pharmaceutical-grade sanitized water, fulfilling USP guidelines, is utilized in the assembling procedure. To ensure purity, search for silver produced in a GMP Certified office and packaged in dull golden glass. 

  • Particle Size

One thing about is that the smaller the metal particle, the simpler it is for it to be changed over from a dormant store of silver metal into decidedly charged bio-dynamic silver during silver’s ordinary half-life in the body. Meanwhile, the smaller the size of every individual particle of silver that is suspended in the fluid, the more surface region it has, and the better it tends to be absorbed, which are the two factors in being more effective.

  • PPM (Parts Per Million)

Toning it down would be ideal with silver PPM. In fact, one PPM likens to 1 milligram for every 1 liter of fluid. The mark of all silver dietary enhancements discloses to you the total silver concentration.

However, the BIO-ACTIVE silver concentration is the part that encourages you (truly, the decidedly charged, and smallest particles). At the point when a silver item contains the most dynamic types of silver, combined with the smallest particle size and most noteworthy measure of decidedly charged silver, at that point a sheltered low centralization of 10 PPM bio-dynamic silver is all that you will ever require. 

Higher convergences of absolute silver can prompt expanding dangers for harmfulness; along these lines, you would need to search for a recipe with the greatest bioactivity and in this way lower concentration. Be certain the producers obviously recognizes each of the “4 P’s” on the name before you picked a colloidal silver enhancement to buy.


With the above review of the best colloidal silver, I hope this review will be of help for anyone that wants to get colloidal silver for use either for human or pets.

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