Why Colloidal Silver Turns You Blue

colloidal silver turns you blue

Why Colloidal Silver Turns You Blue

If you’ve ever wondered why colloidal silver turns you blue, you’re not alone. Colloid silver has been marketed as a miracle remedy for everything from acne to cancer. However, it has no recognized medical purpose. Even though it is cheap, it comes with plenty of health risks. Here’s how colloidal metal can turn you blue. You may also end up turning green. This is a sign that you’ve ingested too much of it.

Colloidal silver is made by suspending silver nanoparticles in a colloidal base. Originally developed in the early 20th century, colloidal silver was designed to be safer than silver nitrate, a form of the metal that was considered a medicinal aid. However, it never met the requirements of medicinal status and was dropped from official drug guides in 1975. While it’s not approved by the FDA, the product continues to be sold in pharmacies as an alternative medicine. While it isn’t a known cause of blue skin, too much of the metal can build up in your body and turn you blue.

Although mainstream doctors and the FDA have investigated the use of colloidal silver, the FDA is not yet convinced. Many experts have claimed that the metal turns people blue. This is not a proven fact, but some individuals have experienced skin discoloration and have been told by a friend or family member that they’re blue. Using colloidal gold on your skin is safe, but the risks aren’t worth it.

Although colloidal silver has been linked to a number of health benefits, there are still some claims regarding how it can turn you blue. For instance, one American doctor believes that the product can make you blue. According to him, it can actually cause serious problems, such as permanent skin discoloration. Fortunately, the FDA is now investigating these claims, but there’s no scientific evidence that colloidal silver causes blue faces.

Despite the controversy surrounding colloidal silver, the FDA has conducted an investigation into the claims. While mainstream doctors doubt the validity of colloidal silver’s blue face effect, it has been linked to health benefits in some cases. For example, a man who suffers from allergies might develop a permanent blue face. Another person suffering from dermatitis may develop argyria will become permanently blue. There’s no evidence that it causes damage.

Another claim regarding colloidal silver is that it turns you blue. It has been associated with skin discoloration. However, it can also cause serious health problems. For example, it has been linked with a blue face caused by a chemical reaction in the stomach. The silver is harmful for the body, but it can’t cause the discoloration. In addition, the metal has been found to have many harmful effects on human beings.