What Is True Colloidal Silver?

true colloidal silver

What Is True Colloidal Silver?

True colloidal silver is a product that contains pure, nanometer-sized silver particles suspended in demineralized water. It is a dietary supplement with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. The recommended dosage for adults is two to three teaspoons a day. Because of its potent healing properties, this product is not intended as a medicine or a diagnosis. It is not suitable for children.

True colloidal silver can be taken orally or applied to the skin. Taking the supplement regularly can help the body fight infections, such as the flu, ringworm, and many other ailments. Its ability to kill over 650 microbes makes it an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions. In addition to enhancing the immune system, colloidal ions are also useful in promoting wound healing. They also help in the treatment of ringworm and skin rash.

One of the most effective colloidal silver products available on the market is Mesosilver(tm), which is unsurpassed in price and effectiveness. It has an extremely high particle content of 0.65 Nm at a concentration of 20 ppm and is not matched by other manufacturers. Although colloidal ions are currently marketed as a dietary supplement, there is potential for them to be used in the fight against pathogenic organisms.

The benefits of true colloidal silver can include reducing yeast and bacteria infections, parasites, and viruses. In fact, this substance has been shown to treat HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, herpes, shingles, and even warts. However, it is worth noting that true colloidal silver is highly soluble and cannot pass through semi-permeable membranes. It has the ability to absorb up to 2.4 times its weight in water.

In contrast to colloidal silver products, true colloidal silver is produced using a complex manufacturing process and has a high cost. It contains more than 50% of silver particles. It will typically contain 20% to 49% silver ions. Because of its high surface area, true colloidal ions can be absorbed and used in the body. Its solubility will affect the rate at which it oxidizes in the water.

The true colloidal silver products on the market have a high concentration of silver ions and nanoparticles. Because they are produced with a high concentration of ions, true colloidal products have the highest level of efficacy and the best value for money. In addition, the most effective product is Mesosilver(tm). Its particle content is 0.65 Nm at 20 ppm and is unmatched by any other manufacturer. As a dietary supplement, it has potential to be used in the fight against pathogenic organisms.

The most effective colloidal silver products contain more than 50 percent silver particles. A higher percentage of silver particles will produce a higher PPM. If the silver content is too low, it will be ionic instead of colloidal. Therefore, true colloidal products are not ionic. They will contain more silver ions. Further, the true colloidal silver product will be more effective than ionic ones. These two types of true colloidal silver have a low concentration of ionic components.