What Color Should Colloidal Silver Be

One reflector of how quality colloidal silver products are, is the color it portrays. Once the size of the particle gets bigger, the color begins to range from yellow which is when it is at its strongest, to brown, red, gray and then black which is its lowest.

Colloidal ionic silver ions that are made from using the electro colloidal silver particles process possess a distinct color than other processes such as the chemical method of colloidal ionic silver.

The color is dependent on its concentration. The ideal and most appropriate form of colloidal ionic silver should be almost colorless or should have a really light yellow color.

What Color Should Colloidal Silver Be | Colloidal Silver Zone

Apart from purchasing from a well-known company; clearly checking the color of the colloidal ionic silver is a way to know and see its outlook or color. When an intense or very sharp ray of light passes through the colloid, this path becomes and appears rather turbid.

Usually, this path forms a shape of a cone within the colloid concentration of silver as a result of the ray of light.

The best and appropriate way to have a clear look of this is by taking a tube of a regular colloidal ionic silver to a rather dark place then you flash an extremely bright source of light, when this is done the colloids will have a milky outlook. Therefore a colloidal ionic silver portrays different colors in diverse specifications and environments.

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