The Colloidal Silver Guy

The colloidal silver guy’s story is not a typical one. It’s a true one that focuses on the positive side of the substance. Paul Karason had a severe case of dermatitis, and he was forced to take action. He started dabbing silver on the cat’s scratches and dry skin. Within two or three months of applying it to his skin, the condition resolved itself. However, he wasn’t sure if he should keep drinking the silver or not.

colloidal silver guy

There are many sources of information on colloidal silver, including mainstream news outlets. Although there is some truth to it, many of these articles are simply made-up based on what the colloidal silver guy says. For this reason, you should not rely on the mainstream news media for your information. Instead, look for reputable sources. You can also find articles written by a local doctor. Some people have tried the silver, and they report success.

Some mainstream media sources have even gone as far as to recommend that consumers take the colloidal silver supplement. While they may contain some accurate information, they also contain some completely false information. Journalists regurgitate information from other sources and often leave out key details. Therefore, it is important that you don’t rely on the mainstream media to make an informed decision about colloidal silver. The following are some of the best sources of information on colloidal sodium.

The main issue with mainstream media is that it’s not accurate. While it can provide some true information, it is not reliable enough for you to be able to make an informed decision about this supplement. It can cause discoloration to your skin and is not recommended for people with sensitive skin. This is the reason why it is important to use quality information from independent sources. Then again, it’s important to check the label to make sure it’s the real deal.

The colloidal silver guy has been on the news for many years. His story is unique in that he’s taken large doses of the substance. His skin looks grayish blue, and he’s worried that his treatment won’t be effective. It’s possible that he has argyria. If this is the case, he needs to take a higher dose. And, he doesn’t drink much colloidal silver.

The colloidal silver guy has been on TV for a long time, but he hasn’t been able to prove it’s worth it. The truth is that it is not a real medicine. The FDA hasn’t approved it for any use. It’s an oversold, trendy “natural cure” that has no proven benefits. It’s also not safe for those with sensitive skin. It can lead to permanent discoloration of the skin.

In the MSNBC broadcast, the colloidal silver guy was treated with respect. The host of The Today Show, Matt Lauer, treated Paul Karason with dignity. In this interview, he explained the benefits of colloidal silver and the myths that surround the substance. It is important to remember that the colloidal gold guy’s claims are not scientifically verified. And if he says something isn’t true, it’s probably not.

The colloidal silver guy had been banned from over-the-counter use in the United States until the FDA banned the substance from the market in 1999. This was because of the negative side effects. The mercury in colloidal silver is highly toxic and can cause a number of side effects. The only good thing about it is that it does not have any adverse effects. This means that you’re safe to use it as long as you follow the instructions on the label.

There are some side effects of colloidal silver, but the main ones are temporary. There are some risks, and the biggest one is the discoloration of the skin. It is safe to drink colloidal silver, but it can lead to a dangerous side effect. While there are some positive benefits of colloidal silver, it is best to talk to a medical professional before taking the product. If you’re looking for a reliable source, try searching online.