The Colloidal Silver Blue Man

The colloidal silver blue man is making the rounds on TV. He is being promoted by the corporate media as a safety myth that makes people go blue when they ingest it. While colloidal silver is indeed a safe substance, rubbing it on the body is not likely to cause blue skin. After all, the colloidal guy who’s going blue is not the type of person who would rub the stuff all over his body.

colloidal silver blue man

However, the colloidal silver blue man phenomenon has a downside. It is a permanent condition that makes it impossible to go back to the old lifestyle. It can make you prone to acid reflux and arthritis. It can limit your cheering for the football game, which is not a good thing for your health. But, for most people, it is an essential supplement. Even if you have to take some precautions, colloidal silver can be extremely helpful in many ways.

If you have ever tried colloidal silver, you may be surprised to discover that it is not a dangerous substance, as long as you follow the dosage guidelines. There is a high concentration of colloidal gold, which makes it safer for your body. While it can cause adverse side effects, it can also help you live longer. The “blue man” isn’t the only one suffering from argyria. It has many positive benefits, including easing the pain from arthritis and dissipating acid reflux.

Unfortunately, the colloidal silver blue man is a marketing tool that works against the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. It creates a false perception of natural health. It is not harmful and can help you achieve optimal health. But, the people behind the campaign are trying to scare people away from colloidal silver by making the public believe that the substance is dangerous, and they are using it for the wrong reasons. In fact, it’s a perfect example of fraudulent misrepresentation.

But the truth is that colloidal silver has no harmful side effects. In fact, it is the main all-natural alternative to prescription antibiotics. The colloidal silver blue man is the best-selling product on Amazon. It costs only 36 cents a quart. Despite the high price tag, the colloidal-silver blue man has many benefits. It eases arthritis, helps prevent heartburn and can be made at home.

The colloidal silver blue man has become a popular marketing tool. It is widely used by many people, including doctors, but a few people have gotten affected by it. But most users don’t have any adverse side effects. There are many reasons why the colloidal silver blue man may be ineffective. The only problem with it is that it can’t cure your cancer. But the good news is that it can help your arthritis.

The blue man campaign’s purpose is to scare people into believing that colloidal silver is harmful. Interestingly, the colloidal-silver blue man has even been in the news in the past few days. During the interview, the colloidal silver blueman said that the drug companies have been able to make money by selling it. But that doesn’t mean the colloidal-silver blueman has been around for a while, and the story has since swept the Internet and TV.

Fortunately, there are many health benefits of colloidal silver. In addition to its natural benefits, it can help you fight infections. The blue man’s condition was caused by an infection and was cured by colloidal-silver. Besides this, it has also helped heal chronic degenerative diseases. Because of its antibacterial properties, colloidal-silver has a pronounced antiviral effect. It is also a powerful antioxidant that can reduce the effects of aging.

The blue man’s claim was false. According to SOTA Instruments, the colloidal silver “blue man” was taking twenty ounces of colloidal-silver everyday and mixing it with baking soda to increase its concentration. The truth is that the colloidal-silver blue man was consuming a lot of colloidal-silver, but was he actually getting any benefits? And he did so for years.