Is Colloidal Silver Antibacterial?

The question of is colloidal silver antibacterial is a common one among people. When it comes to bacteria, silver has been shown to decimate most of them. These bacteria cause many infections, including pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, and otitis. These can be long-term problems and even chronic. In addition to a host of benefits, silver has … Read more

Colloidal Silver Sold At Sprouts

Colloidal silver has many uses, but the biggest one is as a natural antibiotic. Researchers say the substance has the ability to make bacteria cell membranes more permeable, inhibiting bacterial metabolism, and over-producing toxic oxygen compounds. However, studies have shown that colloidal treatment of infections can damage healthy cells. It does not work on viruses. … Read more

Intravenous Colloidal Silver

There are several effects of intravenous colloidal silver, but they’re small and non-significant. The toxicity of this substance is minimal. Studies conducted have shown it can reduce the chances of cutaneous anthrax. It’s easy to take a few teaspoons orally three times a day. It’s also an effective treatment for respiratory tract infections. To administer … Read more

Colloidal Silver Research

The colloidal silver industry started blossoming after Henry Crookes realized its medicinal properties in 1910. Other notable researchers included G.A. Krouse who developed swimming pool water filtration systems with silver coatings. From 1900 to 1940, colloidal gold and silver compounds were used in a wide variety of health applications. By 1939, there were 96 different … Read more

Colloidal Silver And Intestinal Parasites

The colloidal silver and intestinal parasites connection is a fascinating topic. The silver can kill the disease-causing pathogens in the intestines and improve digestion. It can also prevent fermentation, which can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria. In a nutshell, the silver suffocates the disease-causing parasites, killing the eggs and preventing their growth. Colloidal … Read more

Colloidal Silver And Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal and colloidal silver are natural products that have been around for hundreds of years. Both have powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and detoxification properties. However, they should be used sparingly, as they may interfere with over-the-counter medications and health issues. It’s important to purchase a high-quality supplement made of vegetable capsules, without any fillers, so … Read more

Colloidal Silver 650 List

If you are interested in using colloidal silver as alternative medicine, you’ve come to the right place. There are several reasons to use it for different ailments, and you’ll find numerous benefits. These include treating various types of colds and flu, as well as gonorrhea, staph infections, and many others. Learn more about the various … Read more

Colloidal Silver 50 ppm

Colloidal silver is a natural antimicrobial that is beneficial for a number of different health conditions. The main difference between colloidal silver and other supplements is the amount of silver in them. A teaspoon of colloidal metal is considered a sufficient dose. But you should be cautious when using this product because it may discolor … Read more

Colloidal Silver 16 oz

Colloidal Silver is a natural metal that has been known to boost the immune system and kill pathogens for thousands of years. The substance is a suspension of microscopic silver particles, created by passing an electrical current through an electrolyte with silver electrodes. Its appearance is transparent, with a slight yellow tint. It is effective … Read more

Colloidal Silver Holistic Medicine

A study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that colloidal silver is an effective antimicrobial. Although it is used to treat bacteria and fungi, colloidal products may also harm the environment and cause bacteria to become resistant to them. Therefore, colloidal silver is not the best option for treating infections and … Read more

Best Colloidal Silver

Firstly, we are going to look into what colloidal silver is all about and its functions. Colloidal silver is a fluid that contains microscopic pure silver¬†colloidal particles. It is made by presenting unadulterated silver to low-voltage power or potentially certain concoction responses while drenched in a fluid.¬† Best Colloidal Silver – Quick Answer [amalinkspro_table id=”386″ … Read more

Best Colloidal Silver Gel

Colloidal silver gel products is a germ-fighting cream and antimicrobial agents. At least one scientific review indicates this assertion may be controversial. Some studies also indicate a certain promise when the silver nanoparticles are incorporated into bandages and wounds dressings. Colloidal silver is an ingredient in some cosmetics and acne remedies. The colloidal silver made … Read more

Best Colloidal Silver Generator

For several years now, colloidal silver has been with us and was mainly used in the prevention of fungal, infectious, and bacterial infections. Colloidal is a term used for different materials, in particular compounds. While people used the term colloidal in the past, it’s not very accurate, particularly with the colloidal silver’s current scientific understanding. … Read more