MesoSilver Colloidal Silver

The mesosilver colloidal silver product is a unique blend of colloidal silver and pure water. This blend of pure water and finely ground silver has a high surface area-to-weight ratio and is incredibly easy to take. Depending on the product, you may take a few drops or several teaspoons each day. The dosage can be different for different people depending on their specific needs.

mesosilver colloidal silver

MesoSilver colloidal silver is a topical solution that has been available for years. This product is made with only the purest ingredients, including organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, and milk thistle extract. The resulting topical product contains a high concentration of colloidal gold. The benefits of MesoSilver are well documented, and it is widely available as a topical solution.

A good colloidal silver solution should have no harmful additives. This means that it is completely safe for consumption. The best colloidal silver product should be FDA-registered. A mesosilver solution will have a ZETA potential of at least 20 ppm. This will ensure maximum effectiveness when it comes to killing pathogens. A mesosilver formula should contain only pure water.

A mesosilver supplement is brown in color, and looks like a dark iced tea. For many years, people have assumed that a brown color meant large silver particles. That’s no longer the case. The mesoprocess produces a highly concentrated mesosilver product. Moreover, mesosilver has the highest particle surface area, which is the key to colloidal effectiveness.

The main difference between mesosilver and colloidal silver is the concentration of nanoparticles. The mesosilver product contains more than ten percent of nanoparticles, which is higher than the other colloidal silver products. A mesosilver product has the smallest particles and the largest surface area. This is important because the smaller the particles are, the more effective it is.

Mesosilver is the only type of colloidal silver that contains nanoparticles. The nanoparticles are very small. The average particle diameter is 0.65 nm. The particles are highly concentrated in silver, which makes them very effective. The nanoparticles are also the most beneficial to health. When applied to the skin, they have the power to fight disease. They can also reduce the risk of cancer.

Another major difference between mesosilver and other colloidal silver is the size of the particles. In a Mesosilver product, the silver particles are larger and have a higher surface area. The smaller the particles, the greater their bioavailability. It is recommended that you use mesosilver colloidal in conjunction with other colloidal supplements. There are many benefits to using a mesosilver cream and are many reasons to consider it.