Jim Bakker Sued For False Advertising

After a federal judge ruled in 1989 that Bakker had violated the law, the colloidal silver industry sued the Missouri attorney general for false advertising. The attorney general said that he and other colloidal-silver manufacturers had made claims that were untrue. The state of Missouri filed a lawsuit against Bakker, who was convicted of conspiracy, wire fraud, and mail fraud. In response, he settled with the AG’s office. In the case, he and three other public attorneys were ordered to cease and desist from further marketing.

The lawsuit filed against Jim Bakker was a result of the alleged dangers of colloidal silver. According to the Attorney General’s Office, the substance may cause permanent skin discoloration and can even kill cancer cells. It may cause adverse reactions such as COVID, which causes acne. If you’ve tried the Silver Solution, it’s time to stop. If you’ve already suffered from this condition, you should stop taking colloidal silver supplements immediately.

The New York Attorney General’s Office said in April that the FDA had warned consumers about the dangers of colloidal silver products. The company has also warned that the products could delay medical treatment and lead to life-threatening harm. The FDA and the Federal Trade Commission have not approved any of the products that Bakker has developed. Despite the warnings, the silver products are still available on his website. The lawsuit is ongoing, but it has been found that the ingredients in the products are not effective for human health.

The lawsuit was filed by the New York Attorney General’s Office, Lisa Landau. It states that there is no specific medication to prevent the Zika virus. The lawsuit also mentions that no other treatment for the Zika virus has been approved, so the companies are still trying to market them. It’s hard to determine the effectiveness of colloidal silver as a treatment, but there’s no evidence that it’s effective.

As of Monday, the FDA had ordered the company to pay $156,000 in restitution. The lawsuit was filed after an investigation that uncovered a false claim that colloidal silver products could cure COVID-19. A recent study in Arkansas revealed that the underlying cause of the disease was the COVID-19 virus, not colloidal silver. The FDA’s warning is not a cure. However, it’s a necessary step toward finding an effective treatment for the disease.

The FDA has warned Bakker and his company that their products may pose a risk to public health. A recent investigation revealed that the two companies had falsely claimed that the products were capable of curing COVID-19. The product is a risk to health. The FDA has also warned that a small number of consumers should not use this product. The company’s website offers several colloidal silver products to treat COVID-19.