Ionic Silver Vs Colloidal Silver

ionic silver vs colloidal silver

Ionic Silver Vs Colloidal Silver

The difference between ionic silver and colloidal form of silver isn’t very important, as both are effective. Most ionic silver solutions are just pure pieces of the metal. The term “colloidal” has come about because colloidal solutions are more commonly marketed to consumers. Ionic silver is not inferior to colloidal, however. It is administered both topically and inside the body.

Ionic silver is made from tiny metallic particles, which are different from colloidal ones. In ionic silver, the silver ions react with the hydrochloric acid in the stomach to create silver chloride. Non-ionic forms of the same substance, like colloidal silver, have no reaction with hydrochloric acid. Therefore, the two forms are similar in terms of appearance. But there are a few key differences.

Ionic silver is inexpensive and easy to make. A nine-volt battery and silver wire can be used to electrolyze the silver to create a solution of silver ions. Compared to colloidal, ionic forms are more stable and safe. They both have antimicrobial properties. Whether you choose colloidal or ionic forms depends on your personal preference. You should choose a product that contains at least 90% of silver in ionic form.

Ionic silver is more commonly available and less expensive. It is a solution of silver ions and water. The difference between ionic and colloidal silver is in their physical composition. The ionic form contains more silver ions than the colloidal form, which makes it a safer supplement. The latter is more popular for its increased safety, but may pose some safety concerns. It can be toxic to the body due to its higher toxicity.

Ionic silver is not as effective as colloidal. It has the same antibacterial properties as colloidal and can be administered topically, and has been shown to be less expensive. Typically, a product that contains ionic and colloidal forms is more expensive than one made with colloidal or ionic silver. A true colloidal silver solution is not as stable as ionic, but it has a more uniform structure.

Ionic silver is a cheaper, more affordable alternative to colloidal and ionic liquids. It is very easy to make and is inexpensive. A nine-volt battery and a silver wire are enough to create a colloidal solution. It is safer and more stable than colloidal, and it is often more effective in treating certain conditions. Depending on the amount of colloidal and ionic silver in a product, they can provide beneficial benefits to the body.

Ionic silver is free of ionic compounds and is not considered safe for human consumption. It has been approved by the FDA as a food additive and is sold in pharmacies. Both types are safe for human consumption. The FDA allows colloidal and ionic silver to be manufactured and sold. Because it contains silver ions, it is highly reactive. It produces undesirable substances when it comes in contact with free ions.