How to Use Colloidal Silver for Acne

Apart from using colloidal silver for internal cleansing, you can also think of using colloidal silver for acne to extort all the black spots and blemishes from your face. Colloidal silver can also be used to remove all the pathogens or bacteria on the skin that makes the skin wrinkle, fold, or cause skin scrapes, pores, and bite.

When you apply colloidal silver on your face it does so many works, it can easily prevent the bacteria from multiplying and causing more acne breakout. Acne can be an upsetting condition that needs thorough prevention and protection when it breakout.

Most people think acne is a teenager issue that it will reduce as we grow or give birth, but in this present age, acne breakout is now different. It strikes both men and women of all ages and at any stage in life.

Colloidal silver usage has been in existence for decades. It is a well-known remedy for curing many health issues such as eye infection, ear, nasal infection, and any skin conditions.

This article will help analyze how you can use colloidal silver particles to prevent or stop acne breakout. To get to that point, you will need to understand acne itself.

We can never understand acne enough, but it occurs when the follicle of the skin is blocked by a natural moisturizing oil which is called sebum. Sebum is an oil produced at the base of your follicles by sebaceous glands, and it is needed to keep your skin and hair healthy. When the oil is produced then the sebum will aid in the protection of the skin and also keep the skin hydrated and well lubricated.

There are some stages in life that the skin produces too much of sebum such stages include, during puberty and when the body is exposed to high stress, menopause, pregnancy, the aging process, and when the body is exposed to sickness.

These life stages can interfere with how the cells get matured and regenerate, and thereby allowing bacteria and fungal to enter into the body system easily causing infections and irritation which leads to acne breakout.

Acne can affect any part of the body, although then most frequent places it affects are the face, neck, chest, hand, and back. We have different types of acne which include the whitehead, pimples, blackheads, pustules, and cysts.

You might want to know the details of these types of acne and also the cause of each so as to know the type of treatment you will need to do. They actually look very different that is why we will help you analyze the causes of acne and how you can use colloidal silver to get rid of acne on time.

Although there might be some breakout on the skin that seems to look like acne in which they are not, so before you start treating yourself, you need to be examined by your physician so that you can know exactly what is causing the skin breakout and also know the appropriate treatment you need to apply.

What Is The Cause Of Acne

Research as shown from the medical net online, it was said that acne is caused by the hormonal imbalance or shift that tends to happen when a person reaches the puberty stage. Acne breakout occurs mainly in teenagers to show their level of growth.

Acne can also occur at any stage in life such as during the hormonal shifts that happen during menopause and the natural process of the aging adults. The human body can easily be exposed to illness if the body’s immune system is imbalanced. 

That is why when we are exposed to illnesses, then it can lead to the production of acne. Even when we are on medications so as to treat certain conditions, the medications can also cause acne breakout sometimes if the medication is powerful. 

Furthermore, there are some other factors that can cause the outbreak of acne which include the rising of the hormone during puberty, greasy hair, and the use of oily cosmetics. Acne is also hereditary so if your parents are sufferers of acne, then it is likely you will also experience such an outbreak too.

Also, make sure you do not put your skin and scalp under pressure. Skin irritation when cleaning or the pressure from chin-straps or headgear can also lead to this outbreak. Acne also occurs when you are in an area that has high humidity or pollution. 

Some cosmetics and personal care products and exposure to environmental toxins can also irritate the skin and cause it to produce acne.

Improper diet or an imbalanced diet is also a high factor causing the outbreak of acne. When you consume more oil-filled food then the skin produces more oil causing the sebaceous gland to produce more oil.

Be sure you are not taking any strong medication to manage your health condition before you start using colloidal silver. If you are actually under such medication, then you need to talk to your doctor before taking colloidal silver so that it will not lead to another drug interaction that can damage your health.

Lastly, acne can be caused by someone’s genetic factors. Gene can also determine the amount of acne the skin produces and how long it will take for you to be able to control the breakout.

Using Colloidal Silver For Acne Treatment

Colloidal silver as the name implies has some silver particles that are suspended in the liquid which is why that name colloidal silver was given to the liquid. Colloidal silver is very affordable and also available virtually everywhere in the market today and can be bought online from any online shops around you.

It is a naturally occurring mineral that is used for the treatment of any kind of infection. Colloidal silver can be done at home by oneself using some compositions and materials that you can easily find around you or in the market.

One has to be very careful when using a self-made colloidal silver for face acne because it tends to be very risky since we are able to evaluate the purity as well as the potency.

You can as well get colloidal silver from any health store so that you can begin with the treatment of your acne from a trusted and reliable source of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has been used by many for medicinal, bactericidal, and beautifying purposes.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also approved the use of colloidal silver to be used by many to cure many infections and also be used as a disinfectant in hospitals and medical laboratories. It can be used to treat burns of any kind on the skin, to treat wounds and other skin problems.

Colloidal silver contains certain antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that make it eligible for killing any bacteria the silver comes in contact with. It can also be used as the source of cosmetics preparations which in return reduce or serves as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Although, the concentration of silver differs depending on how the manufacturer wants his colloidal silver to look. Most contain 10 parts of silver in 1 million parts of the water. Colloidal has been used in world war 1 to treat the outbreak of trench fever and other infections then.

The production of penicillin in 1928 makes colloidal silver less of importance and it is no longer used by people now. This article is used to create more awareness that we can re-introduce colloidal silver in the world today and also make it recognized by everyone because of its effectiveness.

Also, topical antimicrobial silver is being used for wound care for decades. Silver nitrate solution is often used by midwives and doctors to treat eye infection in newborn babies and also used to prevent infections that may occur at birth. 

Ones you apply silver and salt in wounds, it will heal real fast and also help you avoid complications in the future. People were known to put silver coins in milk to prevent curding, which is to show that anything that contains silver is very useful and can also be used to prevent germs.

When we eat from any silver made utensils, is also can be used to strengthen immunity and prevent common colds, throat infections, and seasonal infections.

Properties Of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has so many health benefits which include;

  • Antimicrobial agent: Colloidal silver contains antimicrobial properties which can help prevent the multiplication of pathogens such as bacteria and fungi. This property is effective and serves as an antibiotic, antiseptic, and disinfectant.
  • Antiseptic agent: The colloidal silver contains antiseptic properties that make them useful for topical applications. It helps heal insect bites, skin allergies, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, scabies, dermatitis, and hormonal acne. It is also used to treat wounds, cuts, abrasion, bedsores, and other skin problems.
  • Antibiotic Agent: it can be used orally when diluted in water or applied topically to kill bacteria. It is also used to heal burns, rashes, acne, wounds, and other infections.
  • Disinfectant: Colloidal silver can be used to kill so many types of microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and so on. The hospitals and other medical laboratories use colloidal silver as a disinfectant to prevent the spread of microorganisms.

Now let’s dive into how you can use colloidal silver for acne treatment and it effectiveness.

How Colloidal Silver For Acne Can Be Effective

Researches as explained colloidal silver to be a must get drug or antibiotics by all because of its massive usage and the benefit it offers its users. National Institute of Health also explains that colloidal silver should be the first medications one should take before the application of other antibiotic drugs or even before the creation of other antibiotics.

In the world today, people are now reacting to other antibiotics because of the health issue they latter cause. Most people are now coming back to using colloidal silver for any health treatment as an alternative treatment for a variety of health issues.

Colloidal silver works in three different ways to boost the body’s ability to heal actively. It can be used to bring a large number of infection-fighting oxygen molecules to break down bacterial and fungal issues in the body system.

However, colloidal silver can also work by attaching itself directly to the cell membrane to help the body fight against the invaders. Colloidal silver can ultimately prevent the DNA strands inside the bacterial organisms from unfolding and working to harm the body.

It tends to work directly to counteract the bacteria and fungal microorganism that causes skin irritation and infects the skin to cause acne. Colloidal silver comes with a variety of formulations.

During the outbreak of the acne, several manufacturers suggest that using the oral solution to kill the bacteria as they are trapped under the skin surface is the best. Thereby you can as well use the colloidal soap, sprays, and face lotions daily as a daily cleaning routine so as to reduce the outbreak severity and incidence.

Manufacturers recommend taking 50ml to 60ml of solution daily for the treatment of colloidal silver solution with a concentration of 10 parts per million. Then 20 ml to 30 ml per day is to be taken as a maintenance dose. When colloidal silver is taken orally, it is absorbed in the small intestine and this can be taken by vegans and vegetarians.

How To Use Colloidal Silver For Acne

It is so very important to know how to use colloidal silver to treat acne. Improper use of colloidal silver can make the skin turn blue. However, when pure colloidal silver is being used to treat acne on the skin, it won’t leave any side effect on your skin. All you need to know is what to do to get the best result and achieve that glowing skin you deserve.

Make sure you also do not use a colloidal silver made from silver protein or ionic silver. Also make sure you follow the manufacturer’s order and dosage instructions unless your doctors gave you a specific direction of usage.

Make sure you start by using the lowest dose of the colloidal silver until you see how your skin reacts. Not every skin can adapt to colloidal silver. You can also do some patch test on your skin first by applying a small quantity on a particular spot to see your skin response.

You can as well dab some pure colloidal silver on the blemish for the first day or two before you can think of applying colloidal silver orally and colloidal silver mist in days. The usage of colloidal silver for acne is as follows;

Dab some small portion of colloidal silver on the blemish

 The best way to use colloidal silver is to dab it right on the blemish. This can be done once or twice daily. Apply it in the morning and at night again if you are going to apply colloidal silver once.

Orally take some liquid colloidal silver

It is advised to take up to one drop of colloidal silver using eyedropper full per day as an additional source of support for treating acne.

Use a colloidal silver mist

Pour the colloidal silver in a spray bottle to treat that acne at the back that your hand cannot reach. This is the best way to kill the pathogens causing the acne blemish as it will easily touch all areas effectively.

Use soap with added colloidal silver

It is advisable to use colloidal silver soap along with the colloidal silver spray. This soap can be used to wash virtually all parts of the body. It will kill all the germ on the skin effectively.

Get a colloidal silver cream, gel, or ointment

You can combine someYou can combine some pure colloidal silver with pure aloe vera pulp and make your own face gel that you can easily apply on your skin. It is advisable to use a very light proportion of the gel over that affected area.

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