How Much Colloidal Silver To Take When Sick

Colloidal silver is used to treat and fight against thousands of diseases causing bacteria and viruses and it does not have any side effects or drug interactions. When you want to use of silver products to cure or treat any infection, make sure you drink plenty of water so as to be sure of its effectiveness.

Drink at least 8oz glasses of water per day to avoid any healing crisis or some reactions such as flu, headache, and dizziness.

The large levels and quantity of pathogens dying and leaving the body cells is the one creating this healing crisis. The water you take in will help prevent the healing crisis that may want to occur by more readily flushing out the toxins. Colloidal silver can be taken orally( directly in the mouth by using a dropper or by dissolving the colloidal silver in water) or topically.

The Forms and Doses of Colloidal Silver

Research has shown that most people are already exposed to colloidal silver every day. Most people take it as a regular drug such as the way we take in our vitamins and mineral naturally.

Colloidal silver is not one of the drugs you need to make sure it is prevented in the body system, silver may serve as antibiotics and too much of any form of antibiotics can destroy some cells in the body system and can also lead to severe diseases such as cancer and lots more, a medical advice diagnosis from the FDA food and drug administration.

Environmental Protection Agency has created a daily dosing reference chart that suggests that the daily intake of the colloidal silver( orally, topically, or environmentally) should not exceed 5 micrograms by every kilogram you weigh.

The most common commercial form of colloidal silver is as a liquid tincture which is sold by most natural food stores. It can also be used as a cream by applying it to the skin as a paste. You can also produce your own colloidal silver in your home by using some special tools and following advice diagnosis or treatment

How To Use Colloidal Silver Supplements When Sick

Using Colloidal Silver For Security Purposes/ Protection Aid

There is some colloidal silver that is unstable (as you take them into the body system, they are excreted without being consumed by the body), and the chances of toxicity are greater. It is best to stick to the labels instructions from the renowned manufacturers so as to know the proper dosage of your silver.

The danger depends on the amount of silver nanoparticles we take in has been linked with argyria which is a rare condition in which the skin turns blue.

Using a High-quality Colloidal Silver

There is one standout type of silver which is the essential mineral BIo-Active Silver Hydrosol. It is a mixture of highly refined silver ions and silver nanoclusters. The presence of the small silver particles makes it completely safe when taken as directed by your doctor. Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol also contains 98% positively charged silver for optimum effectiveness.

Colloidal Silver Dosage Guidelines

Colloidal silver can be added to any food or drink such as smoothies, drinks, smoothie cups, etc. You can also mix  2ml of the silver inside 2oz as dietary supplements. The quantity of colloidal silver depends on the quantity of water you are going to add.


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