Does Colloidal Silver Go Bad?

Colloidal silver has been in use for centuries and many people have been using it as a cure for a variety of ailments, including acne and rashes. While the antimicrobial property of this substance is impressive, there are some side effects of too much silver buildup. It can cause you to become permanently blue or gray, which is a traumatic experience. As a result, there are precautions you need to take if you want to use colloidal gold as a remedy for skin problems.

does colloidal silver go bad

When you purchase colloidal silver, it should be clear. This is due to the fact that colloidal silver is one of nature’s strongest antiseptics and body normalising substances. It starts out as water, but it soon turns light gold after about 36 hours. It then darkens over time, and if you notice it turning pink or blue, do not take it. These colours indicate that the silver has been exposed to light and may be contaminated.

If you use colloidal silver for other uses, the answer to that question is no. Although it should be perfectly safe, you should avoid consuming it directly from the bottle. The reason for this is that contaminants can get into the bottle. For example, if you do not use it regularly, you could accidentally mix it with water and cause contamination. If you use colloidal silver for health benefits, you should keep the lid closed, as bacteria can grow on the surface of the container. This way, your colloidal gold will be fresh for years to come.

Because colloidal silver is an antiseptic and body normalising substance, it’s important to protect it from magnetic fields. Because the particles of colloidal gold are suspended in a solution of liquid, they lose their electric charge when exposed to strong electromagnetic fields. Because colloidal silver is a natural antiseptic, you should avoid putting it into a metal bottle. It’s also important to remember that strong electromagnetic fields can damage the product.

Colloidal silver does not go bad after it has been opened. But you should keep the bottle closed if you are using it. Do not drink the liquid directly from the bottle. It will be contaminated by other metals. Ensure the bottle is dark blue or gray to prevent microbes from growing. When it comes to the color of colloidal silver, a darker colour means it has not been exposed to sunlight. In case the lid has been removed, the colloidal silver will remain unopened and uncontaminated for up to a year.

While colloidal silver does not go bad once it is opened, it can become contaminated by light. If you’re drinking colloidal silver, it’s best to avoid doing so. If it becomes cloudy, it will lose its particles. But if it remains dark blue or gray, it is still safe for you to drink. However, the container is not the key. Besides, the lid may contain other metals which could affect the colloidal silver’s properties.