Colloidal Silver Turns Skin Blue

colloidal silver turns skin blue

Colloidal Silver Turns Skin Blue

The use of colloidal silver has been gaining popularity over the past few years, thanks to celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz. However, it has yet to be proven safe or effective for general use. The FDA has also warned against its use, stating that it can be harmful if used excessively. The dangers of colloidal, or silver water, are outlined below. In addition to turning your skin blue, this product can cause adverse reactions, including allergic reactions.

Although colloidal silver does not harm your body, it can cause a permanent bluish discoloration on your skin. Researchers have uncovered an important side effect of the metal, which turns skin a beautiful blue-gray. The pigmentation is called argyria and is permanent. Fortunately, it can be treated with laser surgery. While colloidal-silver turns skin blue, it can also cause other side effects.

In the 1950s, colloidal silver was a common treatment for allergies and colds. Rosemary Jacobs, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as a teenager, has since told her fans she used the supplement to cure her allergies. In fact, she’s now a full-fledged advocate of the substance, urging people to use it every day. Unfortunately, colloidal-silver does have many negative side effects.

There is no scientific evidence for this supplement, and the results are inconsistent. Some people have reported blue skin after consuming colloidal silver for two weeks. It is best to limit your consumption to small doses. Even if colloidal silver does not turn your skin permanently blue, you shouldn’t use it as a daily supplement. And even if it does work, there are many side effects. In fact, too much can damage your internal organs.

There are some risks to taking colloidal silver. For example, it can cause serious side effects. It can turn your skin blue, and it can cause seizures and organ damage. In addition to turning your skin blue, colloidal silver can also damage internal organs. If you are pregnant, don’t take it for more than a few weeks. Besides, it can harm your health. So, avoid taking it if it turns your skin blue.

A small amount of colloidal silver can make your skin blue. Those who use it daily are not only exposing themselves to toxic metals, but they may be putting themselves at risk for a permanent blue tint. If you are considering taking colloidal silver, you should consult with your physician. There is a lot of evidence that the substance can prevent cancer. You should also check with the FDA before taking it. There are many precautions you should take before you start using it.

When using colloidal silver, you should never drink a large amount at once. This will cause it to turn your skin blue. It can also cause kidney problems and muscle weakness. In the long term, it can lead to cancer and other complications. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you want to take colloidal silver. For some people, it is safe to use as a dietary supplement. If you aren’t sure about its safety, try a small amount first and see if it works.