Colloidal Silver Turns Man Blue

Colloidal silver is a popular alternative medicine supplement, and its antibacterial properties are said to help keep people healthy. However, while there is no scientific proof that this remedy works, there is proof that taking too much of it can turn you permanently blue. Researchers have used a chemical mixture to simulate human intestines and skin tissue to determine if a certain amount of silver can make a person permanently blue. Despite its benefits, experts don’t recommend using it for long periods of time.

colloidal silver turns man blue

There is a myth that colloidal silver turns man blue. Some claims are false, but it is possible to drink too much of it and turn yourself blue. A recent case of argyria involved a libertarian politician in Montana. The libertarian candidate took colloidal ionic silver solution to treat his skin infection. Eventually, this led to him turning blue. It isn’t the only case of a man turning blue, and many people have tried it without good results.

The news media called Paul Karason “The Blue Man” and claimed he was experiencing the effects of colloidal silver on his skin. While this is certainly a unique case, it’s worth noting that the condition doesn’t appear in most people. The fact that the treatment turned one man blue is evidence that it works. The benefits of using colloidal silver for wound healing are also not limited to aesthetic purposes. It may be useful for treating minor cuts and grazes, but it should not be taken in large quantities.

The Blue Man story became a major media disinformation event. The public relations firm that created this story and the pharmaceutical interest behind it paid for it. The campaign was designed to scare the public away from colloidal silver. They claimed that the Blue Man’s condition was caused by the colloidal silver, and implied that anyone who uses it would suffer the same fate. This is an example of fraudulent misrepresentation and lies in advertising.

The infamous Blue Man was not the first person to experience the effects of colloidal silver. In fact, he was not drinking colloidal silver. Rather, he was taking a homemade mixture of silver compounds to treat his argyria condition, which turned him blue-gray. It is not, however, the only case of argyria. While it was a scary tale, it was not the first person to suffer from the harmful effects of the substance.

In addition to its effects on the skin, colloidal silver is known to turn men blue. The blue man has been dubbed “The Blue Man” by the media despite the fact that he was not taking the substance. Unlike the Blue Man, argyria was not caused by the silver, but rather by the cyanide that he was exposed to. The story of a blue man is based on a real case, and there is no scientific evidence to support its use as a health supplement.

Although the story about the Blue Man has since been proven false, it is still a hysterical tale. Some people believe it to be a hoax, and many people believe that the substance will make people turn blue. This is a myth that has been around for a long time, but the fact is that the substance is a safe and effective alternative medicine. If you are looking for an alternative medicine, colloidal silver is one of the best choices.

While the news is full of stories about the dangers of colloidal silver, there is no credible evidence that colloidal silver turns people blue. This drug can be dangerous if used too much. It does not cause any symptoms. Despite its claims, it can turn you blue. If you are considering taking a colloidal silver supplement, be careful not to take it too often. It can lead to complications, even death.

In fact, it’s possible that colloidal silver will turn you blue. Some studies have shown that it can cause serious side effects and even lead to seizures. In some cases, however, the risk is worth it, and you should never take more colloidal than recommended. This is why you should be cautious about this supplement. This drug can cause organ damage and lead to seizures. You shouldn’t take it if you’re pregnant or are taking other medications.