Colloidal Silver Safe While Breastfeeding

Colloidal Silver Safe While Breastfeeding?

Is colloidal silver safe for nursing mothers and pregnant women? This question has been a popular one for years, and for good reason. The natural antibiotic has been used to treat infections without the risk of side effects, which is essential in nursing mothers. It is an ideal solution to the common cold, flu, and a number of other infections that plague modern life. It also contains a high content of silver, making it a safe choice for both women and their babies.

The use of colloidal silver dates back thousands of years, and ancient cultures used it as a medicine for everything from coughs and colds to toothaches. During the times of the Han Dynasty, people who were wealthy often gave their children silver spoons to eat with. These days, it is a 100% natural treatment that can be used safely by the whole family, including babies and toddlers. Not only does it kill pathogens, it can boost the immune system and promote a healthy pregnancy.

How Safe Is Colloidal Silver During Breast Feeding

Several studies have examined whether or not colloidal silver is safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. A study published in the Belgian Medical Journal Acta Clin Belg in 2009 found that the substance inhibits the growth of several pathogens. It was also found to improve the condition of chronic ulcers and reduce the risk of developing infection-related side effects. The use of colloidal ionic sodium for these conditions is a great alternative to antibiotics.

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When choosing a colloidal silver solution for nursing mothers and new mothers, it is important to choose one with a medicinal strength of 10-20 P.P.M. in a white container. Any discoloration or haze will indicate the presence of abnormally large silver particles or impurities, which should be avoided. Further, if the solution is discolored, the particles may have been trapped in the tissues.

The use of colloidal silver for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers is considered safe. The benefits of this silver are proven by ancient Egyptians. The first recorded use of the silver for medicinal purposes is more than 3500 years ago. Specialist retailers send out thousands of shipments of colloidal-silver around the world each year. These shipments are sent to thousands of patients around the world. They are safe for the whole family. It can boost the immune system and prevent infections.

Final Thoughts

A recent study conducted by Krishnaraj, D. W., and J. H. Lee, M. H., found that colloidal silver inhibits the antibacterial activity of waterborne pathogens. However, these studies have not yet been published, and it is important to note that the risks of argyria associated with this compound are not severe. Some of the positive effects of colloidal silver for nursing mothers and their babies are not just the safety of colloidal silver for breastfeeding.

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