Colloidal Silver Nebulizer Horse

A colloidal silver nebulizer for horses is a great tool for respiratory problems. This machine works in the same way as a human nebulizer. The fluid is converted into mist and the horse inhales it. This device is pain-free and offers quick medication delivery. The nebulization process is very effective in clearing the airways and lungs, so horses can breathe easier.

A horse that is suffering from respiratory problems can benefit greatly from colloidal silver. In addition to treating respiratory disorders, it can also help with infections and equine arthritic conditions. This is because the use of classic antibiotics kills useful cells, while the use of colloidal silver offers the same benefits without the side effects. Unlike traditional antibiotics, which can cause resistance, colloidal gold does not cause any side effects and does not create new strains of bacteria.

Uses Of Colloidal Silver For Horses

Colloid silver is highly effective in reducing respiratory disease in horses. As the most common chronic illness in horses, respiratory disease accounts for 25 percent of all veterinarian calls. Chelated silver treatment is beneficial in the treatment of many conditions, including pharyngitis, lymphoid hyperplasia, exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The small particles of silver are injected into the mouth, trachea, and guttural pouches. Despite the toxicity of the solution, the nebulizer does not cause any side effects.

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Another benefit of the colloidal silver nebulizer for horses is its antibacterial properties. This natural remedy kills more than 700 different kinds of bacteria, without creating any resistant strains. The same is true for humans. When used in the correct dose, it does not produce any negative effects and is also very effective. It does not cause the horse to suffer from adverse side effects. It is an excellent choice for those who are concerned with their animal’s health.

A colloidal silver nebulizer for horses can be effective for heaves. It contains pure nano-sized silver particles suspended in Deionized water. It can be sprayed in the mouth, ears, and eyes, and it is non-toxic. It is even effective for equine respiratory diseases. It is also known to reduce the risk of bacterial infections and can also help prevent them from occurring.

Final Thoughts

Colloidal silver is safe for horses and is an effective treatment for infectious and respiratory problems. It is made up of pure silver nanoparticles suspended in Deionized water and works by destroying 700 types of disease-causing bacteria. It is also completely natural, so it can be used as a mouthwash or sprayed in the ears. A colloidal zinc nebulizer is also an effective alternative for horses.

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