Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray Side Effects

What Is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver consists generally of silver nanoparticles that are suspended in a liquid and form colloid, which is mostly regarded as a natural supplement which is, however, the basis of it is a supportive health-related and dietary supplement.  But scientific and technological advancement to prove that it is good for use is however absent and might be considered harmful for your health by the us food and drug administration fda in some cases. But never panic.

Taking colloidal silver can cause a series of side effects which include argyria, which is a permanent bluish-gray discoloration of the skin. And might cause cases of poor drug absorption or other supplements which may include antibiotics or other uses to tackle deficiency of thyroid (Thyroxine)

The FDA also claims the fact that using colloidal silver nanoparticles is termed unsafe or not effective against treating disease or condition in 1999. Companies providing misleading information about colloidal silver products are however sanctioned heavily.

Is Colloidal Silver Effective For Nasal Spray?

Even though in line with scientific purposes, the use of colloids is not supported in any form for any disease or condition. It should also be added that scientific proof has it that it has no function or benefits in the body especially when it is ingested taken by mouth or nose. Silver is said to be far from being a nutritionally essential mineral with minute as dietary supplement purposes.

So many persons are exposed to many tiny amounts of silver colloidal via air, water, and or food. Also in some activities which include jewelry making or wondering activities without them knowing.

Even though colloidal silver products are always marketed as natural or dietary supplements, boosting your various immune system, attacking bacteria and viruses, which can be ingested easily via the mouth or some are injected/applied it should also be carefully used for nasal projection.

For colloidal silver nasal spray, it is not evident as of now, how much quantity if the colloidal silver may be dangerous and can build up in the tissue of your body for a long period of months or years. This results in argyria which is a permanent skin discoloration into blue-gray discoloration of skin, eyes, internal organs, and appears in the gums, or even nails. It is very dangerous for cosmetic concern as even after stopping silver product intake, it doesn’t go away.

In some rare cases, the excessive colloidal silver dosage can cause serious health problems that are irreversible which may include skin liver spleen kidney muscle and brain damage or seizures.

In case you are on initial medications like penicillin, quinolone antibiotics, tetracycline, and thyroxine, to take colloidal silver might interact and affect the impact of these drugs.

Colloidal silver is actually one of the best natural supplements to help fight against eczema, infection. This write-up will, however, serve as a guide to getting the infection curbed.

It should also be noted that colloidal silver is a natural supplement and can be used against any infection problem.

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