Colloidal Silver Medical Usage

From the earliest times the human race have been mesmerised by silver(Ag), because it was held to give wealth, health and beauty. Over time, there arose a widely held view that good health was connected with it’s employment. Back in the 17th century, people believed that the taking of food and drink from silver plates and goblets brought about increased vigour.

Early settlers in the USA were known to submerge silver articles in their water containers thinking that the contents would not spoil. Even in today’s world, in remote areas of the planet, the practise is even now utilized to fight dangerous fungi.In today’s world, renewed interest has been shown in the qualities of silver as a healer.

Colloid of Silver, miniscule particles of silver, suspended in distilled water is now commonly available. Pharmaceutical antibiotics recently have become incapable of overcoming certain infections due to the heightened resistance of most dangerous pathogens.

Some claim that Colloidal Silver is an effective killer of single celled pathogens and is reported to kill disease promoting organisms in minutes. One extra property is that colloidal silver can target around 600 bacteria whereby regular anti-biotics are only able to target a few. Not one instant of negetive reactions with other medicines have been exhibited.

Unsurprisingly, colloidal silver, thus, is an alternative if the need arises, to conventional antibiotics. There is no question that colloidal silver can be confidentally used, with no ill effects, on small children and pets.

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