Colloidal Silver Kills HPV

Colloid Silver is a natural substance which is effective against a wide variety of illnesses, including cancer, food poisoning, and meningitis. It can also cure pink eye, gonorrhea, and staph infections. In addition, it can heal genital warts. If you are concerned about HPV, try using colloidal silver to eliminate it from your body.

The FDA has not evaluated colloidal silver for its effectiveness against HPV. However, there are stories of people who have successfully treated HPV warts with it. These stories come from individuals who have used colloidal-silver products. Before using this product, you should always consult a licensed medical professional before starting a new treatment. This way, you can avoid any possible complications associated with the treatment.

How Effective Is The Use Of Colloidal Silver Against HPV

It can be used to treat more than just cancer. Colloid silver can be effective against more than 650 different ailments, from the common cold to burns. It can even cure herpes virus and strep throat. The company behind the Colloidal Silver formula does not make health claims about its ability to treat HPV or other diseases. In fact, they claim that it kills a variety of other diseases, including acne, tuberculosis, and athlete’s foot.

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The anti-viral properties of colloidal silver make it effective against HPV. Studies have shown that low concentrations of silver nitrate deactivate Herpes Simplex I and II viruses. The study was conducted at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan and was published in 1972. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Axen 30 is a disinfectant made with colloidal-silver. It is effective against HIV and other viruses, and has a ten-minute kill time.

Colloidal silver is also effective against 650 different diseases. The company claims that it is effective against the common cold and strep, but they do not make any health claims about its effectiveness against HPV. Its main purpose is to soothe the skin, and it is the same with cancer. In addition to spotting HPV, it also kills a host of other viruses. But they are not as effective against the Human Papilloma Virus.

Although colloidal silver does not cure HPV, it can help fight the Human Papilloma Virus and cervical cancer. It also helps prevent cervical cancer by reducing the inflammation and the underlying herpes virus. Moreover, it relieves the itching and burning caused by HPV. There are no health claims made by the Aaron Co., but they do not make any health claims about the effectiveness of colloidal silver.

Final Thoughts

A number of scientific studies have proven that colloidal silver kills HPV. One study has found that low concentrations of silver nitrate can destroy the Herpes Simplex I and II viruses. In 1972, researchers at the Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan, showed that high-concentration silver nitrate killed the Herpes virus in mice. It has anti-viral properties and can be used as a disinfectant.

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