Colloidal Silver Immune Support

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic. It is an excellent immune system supporter and has a wide variety of other benefits. It promotes healthy cell growth in burns, fends off infections and reduces the appearance of acne that is caused by bacteria. It maintains a healthy digestive environment and maximizes the nutrients derived from food. In addition, it prevents parasites from laying eggs. Many health food stores and major health chains have started selling it.

The downside is that there is little research on the benefits of colloidal silver. It does not help prevent disease, and there are no proven studies on whether it can boost the immune system. For now, stick to the tried and true methods like hand-washing and avoiding close contact with others. For the most part, colloidal gold is safe and effective. It is a safe and natural way to improve your immune system. The benefits of colloidal silver are well-known.

One colloidal silver supplement that has gained a following is Silver Shield, made by Natural-Immunogenics. It contains 90 micrograms of silver per teaspoon, and is recommended for people with a cold. It costs about $21 for a 118-milliliter bottle, and lasts eight days. As with any other natural supplement, there is some information you should know before taking any supplements. While colloidal gold and silver products are safe, do not take them in high doses. If you do, you may develop an allergic reaction to the product.

Things You Should Know About Colloidal Silver Immune Support

Colloidal silver is a highly potent anti-germ killer that can prevent and treat many types of infectious diseases. Although it is nontoxic and odourless, the substance is reported to cause a host of side effects. Some people have suffered from muscle weakness, kidney problems, neurological damage, and even argyria, a blue coloration of the gums and skin. In addition, it can interfere with prescription medications.

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There are no conclusive results from clinical studies that claim colloidal silver can help the immune system. There are many other risks associated with taking this supplement. The FDA regulates it as a dietary supplement, rather than a medicine. It is important to use caution when taking colloidal silver products. In addition to its side effects, it may cause harmful reactions, especially if you’re allergic to it. It is not a good idea to take a supplement with a high silver content.

Final Thoughts

There is no evidence that colloidal silver helps the immune system, but there are several companies that sell it. It is sold in liquid form, and it contains 90 micrograms of pure silver per teaspoon. The liquid is supposed to promote healing of wounds. In fact, silver-containing bandages and dressings are more effective barriers against infection. The benefits of colloidal-silver are not limited to preventing infections. There are many other applications for this substance.

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