Colloidal Silver For Sore Throat

Virtually everybody gets sore throat infection during the cold weather especially when the weather changes from warm to cold which is due to allergies and dry air.

People get these sore throat allergies often and have tried using so many drugs and yet the allergies still persist and they tend to be very pain enough that you will experience difficulties in swallowing food, talking, and you won’t be able to eat much.

There are so many remedies online or the market today for sore throat such as sucking on a Ricola cough drop during the night to help soothe the throat so as the affected person can experience a sound sleep.

Some people also gargle warm salt water or drink a mixture of honey, lemon, salt, and warm water in order to ease the pain caused by this sore throat. Some also consider drinking fruit tea with honey, taking drugs, sleeping, running a humidifier, using vitamins, orange juice to suppress the sore throats.

Even with all these been mentioned, sore throats still persist and they tend to experience more pain than before.

With all this aforementioned trick we use and still experience the sore throats, why not we try using a pure colloidal silver that can easily eradicate these bad allergies and we go back to our usual way of life.

Colloidal silver is used by both animals and humans to boost the immune system even while pregnant without leaving any side effects behind. All you have to do is to gargle one tablespoon of this pure colloidal silver for a minute at least and swallow to give a better healing result.

The silver particle present in the colloidal silver varies in particle size but they are so tiny to the extent that you cannot easily see them with your naked eyes. That makes it easy to swallow and well accepted as an oral drug.

400;”>Colloidal silver is used to cure so many infections and illnesses such as sore throats, nasal congestion, skin diseases, eye pain, ear pain, and a lot more. It is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial, viruses, and fungal ear infections while some people used it to treat illnesses such as Lyme, HIV/AIDs, and tuberculosis.

For a stuffy nose, you can easily take this colloidal silver nasal spray to each nostril for comfort and relief. It can also be used as a topical solution for both cut and abrasions. To ease your sore throats, you can as well spray the colloidal silver at the back of your throat and wait for a minute before swallowing it every day.

After a few seconds, you will realize that all the pain is gone. It can be used to cure vaginal yeast infection by putting just a few drops of the colloidal silver inside the water. A spray of the colloidal silver on the throat will immediately kill the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal present inside the throat. Colloidal silver takes soreness away instantly from your throat after a few days of use.

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