Colloidal Silver For Ringworm

If you’ve had ringworm, you might want to try using colloidal silver to treat it. It has antifungal properties and can be applied topically to the affected area. You can apply it twice a day, after cleaning it. It’s odorless and clear, making it a non-messy option. You can also use it as a gargle to make your bath water more pleasant.

colloidal silver for ringworm

It’s important to use colloidal silver as it contains antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is an effective treatment for bacterial and fungal infections. It doesn’t create a resistance to the silver, so it is very effective in preventing and controlling infection. Before you use it, you should speak to your doctor to ensure you’re not allergic to it. Moreover, you shouldn’t ingest colloidal if you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions.

Most people use prescription antifungal medications to treat ringworm. But these are often toxic over time. If you’re looking for an effective natural cure for ringworm, you can try colloidal silver. This mineral can be applied directly to the affected area to eliminate the infection. The treatment should last for up to a week. During this time, you should continue to apply it to your skin. Doing so can prevent recurrence.

Colloidal silver has proven to be effective in treating fungi and bacterial infections. It can be mixed with water and applied topically to the affected area. It is a popular topical treatment that can help you get rid of ringworm fast and naturally. There is also a pre-made colloidal silver solution available. This product is highly concentrated, which means you can mix it yourself if you’d prefer.

Besides colloidal silver, tea tree oil and vinegar are excellent treatments for ringworm. The liquid type of the medication can be applied to the affected area to get rid of the infection and prevent it from recurring. Using the treatment three times a day for seven days will ensure that your ringworm is permanently eliminated. It can even be used to treat stubborn cases that resist treatment with other methods. However, you should make sure you choose a colloidal silver product that works well for you.

Colloidal silver is a powerful antifungal agent and is very effective in treating ringworm. It helps kill the fungus that causes ringworm, and it can even prevent its recurrence. Generally, a liquid colloidal silver solution should be applied topically to the affected area. It should be applied at least three times a day to treat the rash. It is recommended that you spray a colloidal silver solution on the affected area to prevent recurrence.