Colloidal Silver for Pneumonia

Colloidal silver is quite a common supplement. However, recently, it has gained even more popularity on the website despite being in existence for centuries. Commonly, colloidal silver is a known supplement. However, a lot of people claim that it can help or even cure pneumonia.

This article takes an in-depth look at that claim.


Colloidal silver is a liquid product that is commonly sold. It contains tiny particles of pure silver. These pieces are so tiny that they cannot be seen with human eyes. These flakes of silver are suspended in solution. The solution could be demineralized but is usually water. The pieces are called silver particles.

However, generally, silver supplements are said to have very similar benefits. Companies claim the colloidal silver can work as an antibiotic in the body. They also claim that it can be very beneficial for wound dressing.



People have favoured silver for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This is why a lot of people claim that it can have an effect on allergies.


In order to determine whether colloidal silver can really help pneumonia, we need to understand what pneumonia is.

Pneumonia is quite a deadly infection. It occurs when the air sacs on the lungs become inflamed. Depending on the severity of the situation, it could be one or both of the air sacs.

The only way that colloidal silver can be used to treat pneumonia is if it is taken into the body and not topically like with allergies. This means putting it into the patient’s nebulizer. Colloidal silver has been linked to treating pneumonia because of its anti-inflammatory properties.


Colloidal silver, despite being used for centuries, is a water that should be carefully waddled in. This is because your body doesn’t need silver. In fact, in some cases, silver can be dangerous if taken orally and metabolized- however, more on this later.

The fact is that there is insufficient evidence to prove that colloidal silver can actually treat pneumonia. Those who make use of colloidal silver and claim to have seen results are those who have used it topically- on the skin- and not actually taking it into the body.

Registered hospitals do not administer colloidal silver for pneumonia treatments. This is because there is a great chance that the patient could become sicker than they were initially. If colloidal silver is to be used to treat pneumonia, it would be passed into the body through the nebulizer raising the risk of silver poisoning.

However, as you can imagine, there have been some claims by various people of how colloidal silver helped cure their pneumonia.

What you must know is that if you go ahead to make use of colloidal silver for pneumonia, you are turning yourself into a test subject. Now, this might be okay when suffering from allergies as allergies aren’t usually life-threatening. However, pneumonia is an entirely different ball game.

About 50,000 die from pneumonia each year- this shows just how serious it is. If you have pneumonia, the health and defences of your body have been compromised, the last thing you want to do is to self-medicate.  

It is best to allow a qualified doctor alone to treat you. Taking other drugs might cause you more damage.




It is important to mention that there are several risks associated with silver supplements. At best, silver has minimal benefits and can only help when taking in moderated quantities.

Treating pneumonia would require more than the little dosage. It could lead to very terrible complications. Some of these possible complications are:

  • A reduction in the ability of your body to absorb important medications. This means that if you are ill and need medications such as thyroxines and antibiotics, they may not work for you as they should. This is deadly if you’re treating pneumonia.
  • Argyria: If you have too much silver in your body, you could develop Argyria. This is very common when ionic silver is consumed. When a person develops Argyria, their skin changes colour and becomes bluish-grey. Sadly, the colour change caused by Argyria is usually permanent even if the person stops taking silver supplements.


Pneumonia is a deadly infection and must be treated properly to save the life of the patient. Stick to experimental medication for other illnesses such as allergies. That way, if it doesn’t work, your life isn’t in danger.


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