Colloidal Silver For Pink Eye Treatment

Over millions of adults and children experience pain, irritation, swelling, redness, and discharge which can easily be cured using colloidal silver for pink eye. The majority of the people that consult a doctor, get a prescription for antibiotic eye drops that contain steroids which is suitable for extending the life of the infection or even make it get worse.

Pink eye is an unpleasant and painful infection in which research, as shown that half of the cases of pink eye recorded, can clear up within 10 days without taking any treatment.

Most frequently, an eye infection can cause itchy, watery, swollen, and red eyes. In some, serious infections discharge, and crusting can also occur. When one eye is infected the infection affects the tear glands of the body which later results in an inflammatory reaction that ends up blocking the tear drainage of the body.

Also, note that more severe eye infections could result in the loss of vision if remain unattended. There are different ways your eyes can get contaminated or irritated. Some conditions which are specific to the eye include;

  • Conjunctivitis, which is also known as pink eye.
  • Dry eye: Which happens when the tear ducts can not adequately lubricate the skin.
  • Blepharitis: This is a condition that causes the eyelids to crust and to become inflamed.
  • Styes Keratitis, which is also known as corneal infection.

We have different kinds of pink eye infection with the most common symptoms that are caused by a viral infection that can not be treated with prescribed antibiotics. The signs and symptoms of this viral and bacterial conjunctivitis are certainly very similar so some doctors don’t usually check to their patiently in order to see the kind of germs causing the infection.

Therefore, they just administer any kind of natural remedies or antibiotic eye drops to their patient which make it add to the effect of the virus in some patients eye because after taking the antibiotic their doctor will tell them they will no longer see the infection after 24 hours of use in which this instruction is valid alone for those suffering from the bacterial pink eye that is not a severe form of conjunctivitis.

Pink eye is said to be the most common eye infection which is also known as conjunctivitis, it causes redness, swelling, itching, tearing, and a slightly thick whitish drainage. As said above, pink eyes are either caused by a virus or a bacterial which is very contagious spreading from person to person easily. 

It is an inflammation of the membrane that is covering the inside of the eyelid and the white part of the eye. Once you discover a swollen eye, bloodshot, irritated, and sticky discharge from your eyes when you wake up then you need to visit your doctor.

Although there are natural remedies for pink eye based on whether it is caused by a virus, bacteria, or just an allergic reaction. Here’s how to know if it caused by a virus, bacteria, or allergy;

  • Viral Conjunctivitis: This infection may only affect one eye which is likely to be tearing. Anybody with viral conjunctivitis may not experience much discharge from the eyes and this doesn’t require any form of antibiotics.
  • Bacterial Conjunctivitis: Ones you see any form of much thick discharge coming from both eyes when you wake up then it is likely to be bacterial conjunctivitis. Bacterial conjunctivitis requires doctors to prescribe antibiotics eye drops or ointment.
  • Allergic Conjunctivitis: The symptoms include tearing, itching, and redness of both eyes. It is required for you to use an antihistamine. No antibiotics are required for allergic conjunctivitis.

We might be thinking of what treatments we can use that will ease the painful bacterial and virus or even kill the pathogens causing the pain permanently. Colloidal silver is the best option for anybody suffering for conjunctivitis, it is used to soothe this painful and highly infectious bacteria and virus.

When you apply colloidal silver on the infected eye, the tiny silver particle will pick up the cells that infect the bacteria and viruses by electromagnetically attracting them and sending them into the bloodstream for easy elimination.

The consequence of conjunctivitis is when bacteria build up on the eye surface. It will literally change your eye white, make it turn rosy red and swell. If the inflammation is not reduced, it can permanently damage your eyesight.

Recent research shows that most people with this acute conjunctivitis or pink eye are being treated in the wrong way because they are being diagnosed wrongly. Of the 340,300 people diagnosed with acute conjunctivitis, about 58 percent filled out an antibiotic eye drop prescription that may prolong or worsen the infection.

Colloidal silver are effective remedies for pink eye or preventing any eye infection, nut it is gentle on healthy cells. Colloidal silver helps to terminate the cell wall by catalytic degradation of dangerous pathogens. It then enters the cell and binds to the DNA of the pathogen, thereby stopping them from replicating this. The infection is curbed without replication and can not spread.

Colloidal silver helps to prevent eye conditions such as allergies, swelling, and staining of the eyes. Colloidal silver doesn’t sting so it can be used as an eye drop by dropping it straight into the eyes. It is a genuine home remedies for pink that has a very long shelf life and it is very efficient. 

During the cold and flu season, some people start to feel an irritated or itchy eye so adding a few drops of this colloidal silver in both eyes will help stop the itching and other symptoms we might feel. You also can repeat the application of colloidal silver to both eyes every few hours so as to stop the symptoms and kill the pathogens causing the pink eye infection permanently.

When you properly apply the silver particle as remedies for pink eye, it will definitely clear up the infection within a day or two. Colloidal silver is particularly useful in the treatment of eye infections such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis, and styes. It can be used as an eye drop rather than a prescription antibiotic eye drop.

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