Colloidal Silver for Eczema

Colloidal silver is a common constituent that is produced by the suspension of some microscopic silver particles into water that has been demineralized and has varying concentrations.

They can be processed into many forms which include soap, cream, spray, and other oral solutions. Even with little scientific backing, colloidal silver has been successfully used in treating eczema successfully.

Some health specialists, however, approve the use of colloidal silver cream which contains major constituents to keep the skin moist, soft, and always protected. These major constituents are fat and water. This colloidal silver cream has however been able to prevent all forms of inflammation and infection.

The major constituent of your skin includes fats and essential oil, which help keep your skin intact and cool against drying.

Colloidal Silver for Eczema

These constituents also help to form a resistance against drying up and help in consistent waterproofing.

In case of flare-ups which makes your skin lose a lot of fat and oil makes your skin dry out Easily and not treat skin from infection or other irritants.

The study, however, shows that flare-ups are caused by many reasons but here are a few reasons for having a flare-up.

  • Harboring house mites
  • Detergent or soaps.
  • Abrasive clothing.
  • Certain animal exposure

When applying Colloidal Silver for Eczema, it should be applied to the affected area by keeping it damp, and with a dressing. This process should be repeated to make it very effective. A spray can also be used alternatively.

Soaps that contain colloidal silver colloidal dry up the skin feet fast and the skin conditions bears the risk of having the essentials like fat and oil removed. The soap form of silver colloidal is however not advisable.

Internal Treatment

Colloidal silver also comes in oral solutions. Different suppliers differ in their advice but commonly, the information is to take 50 to 60 mL of colloidal silver per day of 10ppm (part per million) colloidal silver during an eczema flare-up and 20 to 30 mL of silver daily as an upkeep dose. Oral colloidal silver can destroy your friendly gut bacteria which is necessary to be present. So taking a probiotic or a live yogurt during therapy may help prevent this.


In the case of eczema infection treatment, it is very advisable to consult your healthcare provider before taking any action via colloidal treatment.

Even though the silver particles suspended that can be found in the environment are very safe. The colloidal silver particles should not be invested.

Silver tends to accumulate very much in your body especially the skin and other organs which may lead to stable conditions like argyria or sometimes cancer. However a low portion of silver is generally not toxic but a high dosage of silver colloidal is very harmful and may result in unexpected occurrences, like skin irritation, gastric upset, fatigue, seizures, and headache in some cases.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver is that it is actually one of the best natural supplements to help fight against eczema and other skin infection. This write-up will, however, serve as a guide to getting the infection curbed.

It should also be noted that colloidal silver is a natural supplement and can be used against any infection problems.

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