Colloidal Silver For Dog Ear Infection

colloidal silver for dog ear infection

Colloidal Silver For Dog Ear Infection

Several people swear by colloidal silver for dog ear infections. However, its effects have not been fully studied and scientifically proven. The product may cause adverse side effects, including organ enlargement and death. Therefore, pet owners should never risk the health of their pets by using colloidal silver. It is always best to consult a vet to get the best treatment. You can try using organic witch hazel or green tea on the infected lobe to relieve pain and inflammation.

When applied to an infected ear, colloidal silver is safe and won’t sting the dog’s eyes. It can be dropped directly into the infected ear or given orally to treat eye problems. You can apply it to your dog’s paws and ears up to three times a day, or consult with a holistic veterinarian. The best part about colloidal gold for dogs is that it won’t irritate the eyes.

Colloidal silver is a safe solution for use on dogs. It is available in the form of liquid, cream, or gel. When treating a dog’s ear infection, you should apply a small amount of the liquid to the infected lobe twice a day. The solution should be applied with gentle circular motion and should not be left unattended for more than a few minutes. To avoid irritating the ear flap, apply the liquid with a cotton ball and let your pet shake his or her head. If the colloidal silver gets into your dog’s otosclerosis, you should use a cotton bud.

Colloidal silver for dog ear infection can be used to treat ear infections. You can apply the solution to your dog’s otitis media lobe twice a day. After applying the solution, your pet should shake its head and let it absorb it. Then, use a cotton bud to wipe any excess liquid from the ear flap. Do not use cotton buds if the ear drum has been punctured or perforated.

You can use colloidal silver as a remedy for dog ear infection in two ways. The first is as a preventative measure. Applied directly to the dog’s ear, it fights bacteria, fungi, and viruses. You can also use it as a regular disinfectant. A dog’s ear can also be infected with the silver, which can irritate the skin around the tympanum.

In addition to treating dog ear infections, colloidal silver can also be used for other bacterial and fungal infections. Its antifungal properties make it the ideal treatment for yeast infection. It can also be used as a spray or ointment. It is effective in preventing excessive itching. This product is a topical solution that can be applied to the skin or other affected areas.