Colloidal Silver For Burns

Burns harm and can also destroy the tissues of the body. They usually occur as a result of their contact with chemicals, excess heat, and electricity. Burns can be managed, its management is dependent on the location and the depth of the burn.

How deep a burn is categorized into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree. For all the categories or degrees of burn, there is always a form of swelling around the affected place and also an accumulation of fluid.

It is important to note that the skin defends the body from being infected with microbes and used silver. Once this is tampered with or affected, it could cause impeding damage to the individual.

Colloidal silver is a very powerful and effective antibacterial product due to its antimicrobial properties. Silver compounds and properties have been employed for medicinal use for a very long time now. Colloidal silver has properties that are antibacterial and as a result of this, it stops the pollution that arises from burns.

In recent times Colloidal silver has re-emerged as a product that can be used to treat infections or other complications from burns or even injuries. One of its antecedents is the silver sulphadiazine with a chemical compound of silver sulfadiazine AgSD, this is a top-notch product in managing burns. It is an important antibacterial product to cure burn wounds.

The colloidal silver will speed wound healing and reduce the amount of scarring.

Generally, hospitals use Colloidal silver products to dress and treat burns most especially burns that are difficult to heal. Catheters are put alongside colloidal silver to combat infection.

Health professionals and even patients have the knowledge that putting bandages in a reduced concentration of colloidal silver can help prevent infection in patients with burns. Most of its silver content in the form of silver nanoparticles, it is easy to make silver bandages at home.

Apply colloidal silver to a severe burn wound up to 12 times per day. You should also drink a small amount of it daily as well. This allows us to treat a burn wound from the inside and the outside.

It factually brings back the skin. In serious cases, it can even be used to save the patient’s life completely. Health centres know this, this has made them make colloidal silver a highly regarded anti-infection product especially when used with bandages and a few other medical items.

Colloidal Silver And Its Treatment Of Sunburn

The most convenient option is to readily use a colloidal silver agent when you have a sunburn. It can be used for sunburns, accidents that take place in the kitchen or home generally and even when you have a burnt tongue after taking something hot.

Different approaches of application would be employed in treating these forms of burns. For not so severe burns, colloidal silver may be used on top after the burn has been dressed with soap and cold water and then dried. You can create colloidal silver bandages while at home.

Finally, colloidal silver has unique properties to heal, protect and sustain one’s body. This comes naturally for it. It also helps to treat burn wounds, bites, sunburns, and in some instances post-surgery injuries. Colloidal silver can also be used to take care of eczema, blisters, irritations and much more.

Colloidal Silver is recently being used very well in burn units of an health centre. It has been discovered to also encourage and improve the healing process of a skin that gets burned and also combat secondary infection without side effects.

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