Colloidal Silver And Lyme Disease

There is an intriguing link between colloidal silver and Lyme disease. It has been used for centuries as a topical treatment for skin infections. The silver in colloidal solutions is purported to kill the pathogen and suppress the activity of the infection. Many people have been cured of the condition by using high dosages of colloidal gold. This article will describe the relationship between colloidal and Lyme disease and its potential for reversing it.

Relationship Between Colloidal Silver And Lyme Disease

In the study, a 56-year-old female with chronic pain syndrome was treated with oral and intravenous silver hydrosol. Within a few weeks, she returned to her pre-infection level. Another patient, a 46-year-old female, was treated with a moderate dose of colloidal silver. The symptoms went away after a few weeks. This suggests that it may be a safe and effective treatment option for patients with Lyme disease.

Despite the fact that antibiotics fail to kill the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, many natural health experts recommend a multi-pronged approach to recovery from Lyme disease. This includes a multi-faceted approach to recovery. These methods have been successfully used by patients with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In addition to the natural treatments, the patients should take colloidal silver, which has been around since ancient times. When ingested, colloidal silver retains oxygen molecules that react positively with the bacteria and kill them.

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Some studies suggest that colloidal silver can kill Lyme inside the body. However, these studies are not conclusive. Although it may be effective as a treatment for Lyme disease, it is important to remember that the pathogens inside the human body are capable of doing things that are not possible in laboratory test tubes. For example, the pathogens can hide in the inner sheaths of nerve ganglions and even go into hibernation. In other words, they can fool the immune system with human DNA.

Several studies have examined colloidal silver’s effect on the Lyme disease pathogen, Borrelia burgdorferi. One such study, conducted at the Fox Chase Cancer Center, showed that it inhibited growth at low concentrations but became effective at higher concentrations. A further study, published in the Journal of Applied Pharmacology, in 2008, found that a colloidal silver solution at 15 ppm killed the Lyme bacterium by 50% in five minutes.

As a part of the treatment for Lyme disease, colloidal silver is often used as a supplement. It contains very small particles, which make them bioavailable and easier to absorb. The smaller the particle size, the greater the benefit. It is also useful in other conditions as a preventative measure. The anti-biotics are only one part of the treatment. If you have a chronic infection, you should look into colloidal silver as well.

There are many ways in which colloidal silver can help treat Lyme disease. While it has not been approved by the FDA, it has been widely used as a supplement to cure symptoms associated with Lyme disease. It can kill microorganisms and viruses, block their cellular respiration, and attach to DNA. This can help prevent the spread of the infection and the onset of chronic illness. It can also reduce symptoms, especially if you’re not taking medication.

There is no direct evidence to support the connection between colloidal silver and Lyme disease. Nevertheless, many people have had good results with it. The silver in a colloidal silver supplement can be used to treat symptoms related to Lyme disease. The colloidal silver will not harm the body’s tissues, but it can prevent the formation of new ones. It can also inhibit the bacterial respiration process. It can also cause infection.

Final Thoughts

The use of colloidal silver and Lyme disease has been proven effective in treating a variety of diseases. In one study, a 55-year-old female patient with chronic pain syndrome was cured of the infection with a low dose of colloidal silver. The patient was able to return to her active state. A 46-year-old woman with Lyme disease was cured of the condition after taking a moderate dose of the silver.

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