Colloidal Silver and Dog Cancer

colloidal silver dog cancer

Colloidal Silver and Dog Cancer

Colloidal silver is a valuable tool for dog owners, as it has proven to be effective against several types of dog cancer. The silver is tasteless and non-toxic, and can be given orally with a syringe or dropper. It can also be used externally to treat various types of infections, including eye infections. As a result, this product is useful for dogs of all ages, and is often prescribed by holistic veterinarians.

Colloidal silver is administered as an oral solution or in a syringe. Doses should be adjusted to fit the pet’s needs, as higher end amounts are needed for specific ailments. Initially, dosages should be given once or twice a day for maintenance. For more aggressive treatment, you should increase the amount by a few times a day. It is important to consult with your vet before increasing the dosage.

There are two types of dosages: the lower end of the spectrum is for maintenance and the upper end is for treating specific ailments. For maintenance, you should give a single dosage a few times a day. If necessary, you can gradually increase the amount. Using a colloidal silver syringe can be a cost-effective alternative to invasive surgery. However, this supplement is not suitable for dogs with kidney failure or advanced cancer.

A colloidal silver syringe is an effective treatment for dog cancer. The silver acts as a transporter for oxygen, ensuring that oxygen reaches the cells. Once inside, it damages the cell walls of pathogens and inhibits RNA and DNA replication, cutting off their metabolism. While colloidal-silver does not harm healthy cells, it can interfere with essential metabolic processes. It is not considered a treatment for cancer or any other type of ailment.

There are two types of colloidal silver: the purest form is called nanopowder. This type of silver contains tiny particles of colloidal gold. These particles have the same structure as a penny and can be used for various types of medical purposes. This product is a great addition to the regular treatment of dog cancer. It can also be used to support the natural approach to treating the disease. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to chemotherapy for dogs.

The safety of colloidal silver is an important consideration for dog owners. The metal is safe for dogs and is not known to cause cancer, but it is used as a nutritional supplement and antibiotic in dogs. The dosage and duration of use for colloidal silver depend on the type of illness the dog is suffering from. The higher the dose, the longer the treatment period. There are also a few negative effects, such as a decreased appetite.