Colloidal Silver 50 ppm

Colloidal silver is a natural antimicrobial that is beneficial for a number of different health conditions. The main difference between colloidal silver and other supplements is the amount of silver in them. A teaspoon of colloidal metal is considered a sufficient dose. But you should be cautious when using this product because it may discolor your skin if you consume it in large quantities. It is recommended that you use only a half teaspoon per day, and ideally, you should use the solution for at least a week.

Colloidal silver is pure metallic silver that is suspended in pharmaceutical-grade water. The small particles have a positive electrical charge and are suspended in the water. This causes them to float in the water and causes the effect of electrostatic attraction. This is because the charge is stronger than the force of gravity, and the solution contains no silver ions. It is best used as a natural antimicrobial when it comes to fighting germs and preventing illnesses.

About Colloidal Silver 50 ppm Dosage

Bacteriostatic Colloidal Silver is 50 ppm of pure silver and deionized water. It is a natural antimicrobial and water purifier that prevents disease. The silver acts as a catalyst that disables the enzyme needed for oxygen metabolism. It destroys disease-causing organisms, such as viruses and bacteria. The antimicrobial action of colloidal gold makes it a useful supplement for those who are concerned about their health. Unlike other solutions, it does not contain bleach or chlorine and has a long shelf life.

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The NPSW colloidal silver does not contain gelatin, salt, corn, eggs, yeast, or other ingredients that may be harmful to you. This dietary supplement is not recommended for pregnant women or lactating women. The NPSW brand has all-natural colloidal silver that contains no preservatives or artificial coloring. The product is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women and is recommended for vegetarians. It is also recommended for athletes.

There are several ways to get the same benefits from colloidal silver. It is the best choice for people who want to avoid the use of harmful chemicals. And because it is made from pure metallic silver, it is an effective water purifier. But, if you are on a diet that is high in toxins, you can’t go wrong with a 50 ppm product. The higher the concentration, the more effective it is.

The optimum amount of silver is at least 50 ppm. This is the maximum recommended level for daily use. Other products may contain more silver, but their average concentration is only 13% bioactive. This isn’t enough. The highest quality of colloidal mineral is at least 90% bioactive. Another benefit is that colloidal silver does not build tolerance. The concentration of silver in the bottle should not be less than 50 ppm.

Colloidal silver is a natural water purifier. Its particles are extremely small and are positive in charge. They have a positive electric charge and are suspended in pharmaceutical-grade water. The positive charge of the particles counteracts the force of gravity, allowing the silver to enter the body and protect it from harm. Moreover, it is safe for humans. The best colloidal silver product is made of 100% natural ingredients and is made from pharmaceutical-grade water.

Colloid silver is a pure metallic substance. Its particles are extremely small, and they range in size from one to ten nanometers. They are very tiny compared to other metals, and the electric charge of the particles is higher than the force of gravity. This is why colloidal silver is often used for therapeutic purposes. It is the perfect choice for homeopathic remedies and can be taken as a daily supplement.

Final Thoughts

Bacteriostatic colloidal silver is an excellent water purifier. This form of silver is a great choice if you are sensitive to bacteria, viruses, or mold. It also has no side effects. Besides being a natural antibacterial, it also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It is also a great way to prevent infection and promote healthy immune function. But what is more, it has more benefits than just improving your health.

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