Colloid Silver For Sinus Infections

Using colloidal silver for sinus problems can be beneficial for both people with and without allergies. The silver molecules in colloidal silver are microscopic, making them safe and effective for a variety of infections. Previously, doctors prescribed antibiotics for patients with sinus infections. Now, you can use this natural alternative medication in a spray form, which is best sprayed into each nostril with a fine mist. The best way to apply colloidal gold spray for sinuses is to lie on your back with your bending forward at the waist.

colloidal silver for sinus

A simple sinus infection can last for weeks, while a more serious infection may require surgery and antibiotics. Another benefit of colloidal silver for sinus infections is that it is not systemic and can be applied directly to the sinuses. Furthermore, you won’t have to take it orally. Because it is sprayed directly in the sinuses, you won’t have to worry about taking it in the long term.

The benefits of using colloidal silver for sinus infections are numerous. These products kill the bacteria, fungi, and viruses that cause sinusitis. It is also effective against bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. It will help relieve pain, a loss of sense of smell, and prevent painful congestion. Unlike antibiotics, it doesn’t need to be taken systemically, but only when the infection is present.

Colloid silver for sinus infections is a popular alternative medicine that is proven to treat common sinus infections. It is safe and effective for many conditions, including allergies, viral and bacterial infection. It is also safe to use, especially in children. Compared to other medicines, it won’t hurt to try it, so it is worth giving it a try. It will help you fight off the infection and return to normal life.

One study found that colloidal silver could prevent or cure bacterial and viral infections. In a small dose, it can terminate a sinus infection in a week. In comparison, a single day’s treatment with antibiotics and surgery can take weeks or even months. Several people also reported relief from pain, swelling, and a reduction in sensitivity to allergens. They reported feeling better after taking the solution.

A study in the Journal of Allergy and Rhinology found that colloidal silver for sinus infections was effective against more than 650 different types of bacteria and fungi. It inhibits the respiration of the pathogens, rendering them inactive and unresponsive. In addition, the study found that the silver solution did not cause any side effects and did not affect the health of those who used it. But it was effective for treating more severe sinus infections.

Although colloidal silver for sinus infections is a natural alternative, it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions before using it. Medications may have negative effects on the immune system and can also lead to an enlarged nose. Some people may also experience rash or skin rashes after using colloidal silver for sinusitis. Similarly, too much silver in the body can cause kidney damage and birth defects in unborn babies.