Can Colloidal Silver Turn You Blue?

can colloidal silver turn you blue

Can Colloidal Silver Turn You Blue?

Many people are skeptical about the claims that colloidal silver turns you blue. This metal contains trace amounts of aluminum and copper, and some people have even claimed that it has made them permanently blue. But there is no proof that this metal has these effects, and the FDA has also looked into the matter. In a recent study, Dr. Vincent DeLeo, the head of dermatology at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt and Beth Israel Hospitals in New York, admitted that his patients turned bluish-gray. Other researchers believe the effect may be a result of damage to the body.

While many people swear by colloidal silver, there are no studies that prove its health benefits. It has not been proven to turn people blue. It has even been linked to permanent discoloration of the skin and may cause cancer. But despite all of this evidence, some people still try it and swear by it. In fact, a recent study of Colloidal Silver in a blind, healthy human was able to confirm the ‘blue man’ claims.

However, argyria is a rare condition and should not be taken seriously. If you’re concerned that you’ll get blue, you should talk to your doctor. Intake of colloidal silver in small amounts can be safe, but excessive use can cause permanent discoloration of your skin. If you’re not sure if it’s safe, try talking to your doctor about it. It’s worth it for the health benefits it provides.

Unfortunately, Colloidal Silver is not for everyone. It may turn you blue. It can cause severe side effects, including neurological damage, muscle weakness, and kidney problems. It can even be dangerous in certain cases. And, according to a medical journal, the long-term effects of Colloidal Silver are not well understood. They include: *Can Colloidal Silber Turn You Blue? Is it a real health threat?

Although the colloidal silver product is a popular beauty supplement, its health benefits are not entirely clear. It has a blue tinge, which may have been a contributor to the term ‘blue blood’ attributed to the aristocratic class of ancient Greece and Rome. Moreover, it has been shown to cause seizures, organ damage, and even turn people ‘blue’. There is no scientific evidence that colloidal silver can make you blue, but it can temporarily change your complexion color.

There are several possible side effects of colloidal silver. Some of them include temporary skin discoloration, skin inflammation, and nausea. Among these negative effects, the blue tint of the product may also lead to permanent internal damage. In addition, the blue tinge might lead to the term ‘blue blood’ itself. It is not clear if it is beneficial or harmful. The benefits of colloidal silver aren’t entirely understood, but it may help you decide whether to use it for yourself or not.