Best Voltage for Making Colloidal Silver

If you want to make colloidal silver using a colloidal silver generator, there is a certain voltage it must be for the production to come out good but if you want to make it at home yourself, it is advisable to be on low voltage.

The absolute best voltage for the response is 30 volts in light of the fact that the cathodes run the cleanest at this voltage.

What is the best voltage for making Colloidal Silver?

On the off chance that you have a little force flexibly, set it for 30 volts.

In a way that you are running on batteries, it is ideal to begin at 36 volts that is three 12 volt batteries or four 9 volt batteries and let the batteries channel down from that point. Holding the silver anodes at a uniform good ways from one another yields a superior item.

Meanwhile, higher voltages give a fast result but low voltages make the quality colloidal silver better which is one of the reasons why the pure silver particles come out well.

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