Argentyn 23 Colloidal Silver

One of the most refined forms of colloidal silver available is Argentyn 23 Professional Bio-Active Silver. This unique formula is formulated to provide your body with the maximum level of silver ions in a suspension. This ensures that the silver cations stay in an active state and help fight harmful bacteria and viruses. You can use it on your skin, hair, and even your body to improve your immune system.

argentyn 23 colloidal silver

Argentyn 23 colloidal silver is a high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade silver hydrosol that is composed of tiny particles of silver suspended in pure water. It is a natural antibiotic that may also help fight the common cold or viral infection. In addition, it can ease itchy mouth and throat. Additionally, it may aid in regulating blood sugar and fight yeast infections. As a result, it can have numerous benefits for your health.

Argentyn 23 is a pharmaceutical-grade colloidal silver hydrosol produced by Natural Immunogenics Corp. The formulation is composed of nano-sized particles of silver that remain suspended in a liquid containing pharmaceutical-grade purified water. Some colloidal solutions contain other ingredients, including salt or protein, which degrade the silver. It is best to avoid these ingredients altogether, as they can cause the effects of the supplement to be diminished or eliminated completely.

Argentyn 23 is a unique product that features a particle size that is unparalleled in the industry. The 0.8-nm-size particles of this silver hydrosol are easily absorbed by the body, and this ensures that the body can benefit from its immune-supporting properties. The company’s laboratory also employs scientists who specialize in nanoparticle science. With more than twenty years of experience, Argentyn 23 has set the standard for Colloidal Silver products.

As an undiluted colloidal silver hydrosol, Argentyn 23 is the ideal product for those who are concerned about its taste or smell. The highly-pure substance is highly beneficial for a number of reasons. It can help you treat respiratory conditions, reduce inflammation, and prevent gum and joint pain. It is effective in treating a variety of health problems. It has been used in clinical trials and proven to be safe and effective.

Argentyn 23 is a high-quality colloidal silver hydrosol made from purified silver ion solution. It is infused with silver ions that are positively charged and remain in suspension in the body. The resulting colloidal silver is completely free of flavor or smell, and its water-like properties allow it to be taken without causing any side effects. Further, it is readily available to healthcare professionals, and is only a few dollars per capsule.

The unique properties of Argentyn 23 have contributed to its success in clinical studies. The most important feature of this product is its unmatched particle size, a mere 0.8 nanometer in diameter. Its small size ensures that it is 99% bioavailable and provides a broad spectrum of benefits for your body. You can easily take it by mouth, and you won’t notice any taste. It behaves like water, and therefore is highly absorbed in the body.

Argentyn 23 is a colloidal silver hydrosol that contains positively charged silver ions. The resulting solution is non-toxic and has virtually no taste or smell. It is absorbed easily by the body and does not create any sticky residue. The best part of Argentyn 23 is that it is very easy to use and does not have any side effects. It has virtually no flavor or scent, and is very easy to mix with water.

Argentyn 23 is a high-quality colloidal silver hydrosol that is a perfect solution for sensitive skin and aging skin. The patented, professionally manufactured formula contains tiny silver ions suspended in pharmaceutical-grade purified water. The particles are very small and have a 98% bioavailability. It does not create any sticky residue or stains. It is completely water-based and acts like water.

Argentyn 23 is a professional bio-active silver spray that contains the finest particles of silver that are suspended in pharmaceutical-grade purified water. This form of colloidal gold is considered a universal antibiotic and can be found in a wide range of forms. This liquid is highly effective against viral and microbial infections and may be used as a topical spray. It can also be taken as a supplement by consuming it in liquid form.