A Guy Turns Blue From Colloidal Silver

A recent MSNBC television broadcast revealed the true story of a guy who turned blue after consuming large quantities of colloidal silver. Paul Karason, the man known as the “Colloidal Silver Blue Man,” suffered from prostate cancer and other health problems. He also broke up with his girlfriend, leaving him completely alone. As a result of the medication, silver began infiltrating his cells, turning him blue.

guy turns blue from colloidal silver

Paul Karason, who is 45 years old, started to turn blue after consuming the substance. He was trying to treat a skin condition on his own, and had read that drinking silver mixed with water could be beneficial. However, he didn’t realize that he had turned blue until a friend pointed it out. Even though the effects were temporary, Paul didn’t give up on his experimentation. He also continued to drink the solution even after he turned blue. His fiance decided to join him in the experiment.

After taking colloidal silver for a week, Paul experienced a dramatic change in his health. His acid reflux problems disappeared within three days. He continued to drink the solution every day, drinking a ten-ounce tumbler every day. He said it wasn’t very strong, and that he didn’t mind turning blue. While his skin color did change, he didn’t turn blue from drinking the product. He turned gray after applying it to his skin.

The ‘Blue Man’ story has appeared in the print and electronic mass media many times. This story was funded by pharmaceutical interests and a public relations firm. The goal of the campaign was to scare the public away from colloidal silver. The claim was that the product caused the Blue Man’s condition and implied that anyone using it would suffer the same fate. The truth of the matter is that colloidal silver is safe.

Paul Karason’s story has become famous after he appeared on Oprah. The ‘Blue Baby’ has a dark, purple tongue and was mocked in school due to his unusual appearance. His story has even prompted the creation of a company that sells colloidal silver and sells it in Whole Foods. But is colloidal-silver really safe? Well, it’s not, but it does work.

Despite its popularity, colloidal silver is still not safe. While some people believe that it can turn them blue, it is not true. Instead, a person can become blue from colloidal-silver products in the long run. Although a man’s skin can turn blue from a small amount of colloidal silver, the substance can cause permanent damage to organs, especially in the eye. Therefore, it’s crucial to be cautious when using silver supplements.