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how to make colloidal silver salve

Since time began, humans have been captivated by (Ag) silver, because it was thought to guarantee beauty, health and wealth. Over time, a strongly held belief grew that the manner in which it was used was connected with good health. As far back as the 17th century, some held that feeding and drinking from silver ware imparted increased vitality. In early times, the colonists in America were acknowledged to drop silver objects in their water supplies ensuring that their vital supplies would prolong the freshness. Still nowadays, in remoter parts of the globe, this old method is still employed to battle health destroying viruses.In modern times, there has been a resurgence of interest in the great qualities of silver-the healer.

Colloidal Silver, electrically charged particles of silver, in absolutely clean water can be purchased easily. Modern antibiotics in certain cases are now becoming unable to destroy many viruses as a result of the mutation of most dangerous pathogens.

Researchers believe that Colloidal Silver is a super fast killer of bacteria professed to to destroy one celled bacteria inside of 6 minutes. Another amazing quality is the fact that colloid of Silver is able to wipe out in the order of several hundred bacteria and algie whereby regular antibiotics can only be effective against a limited number. No evidence of interactions between other medications is apparent.

There is no question that colloidal silver, therefore, can be an alternative if required, to pharmaceutical antibiotics. Research suggests that Colloidal Silver can be used, with no side effects, on us all.

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