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dog ear infection colloidal silver

Pet owners have reported as to the effectiveness of colloidal silver in treating their pet dog and other small animals suffering from ear infections. A spray into the affected ear will often cure the condition in double quick time. As with ears so an infected eye when gently wiped with a tissue wetted with colloidal silver will often lead to a rapid improvement. It is after all not a new science.

For centuries, human beings have been mesmerised by (Ag) silver, since it was believed to guarantee wealth, beauty and health. Over time, there arose a strongly held belief that increased vitality was associated with its employment. Way back, people believed that dining from silver dishes and drinking vessels brought full health. Early colonists who settled in the USA were thought to place articles made of silver in water casks thinking that their supplies would not spoil. Even in today's world, in the remotest areas of the world, the practise is still an accepted way to counteract hazardous single celled pathogens.In today's world, there has been a revival of interest in the qualities of silver as a healer.

Colloidal Silver, miniscule ionic particles of silver, in absolutely clean water is now commonly available. Prescribed antibiotics slowly but surely have become incapable of overcoming certain infections due to the heightened resistance of harmful germs.

Some research has indicated that Colloidal Silver is a slayer of single celled pathogens it is said to kill bacteria in less than 6 minutes. One extra property is that colloid of Silver is able to wipe out in excess of 650 parasites whilst ordinary anti-biotics are capable of only target a limited range. No signs of reactions to other medications is apparent.

Unsurprisingly, colloidal silver, as shown, can be an alternative sometimes, to pharmaceutical antibiotics. Research suggests that Colloidal Silver can be confidentally used, with good effect, on children.

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