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Since the beginning of time, mankind have been captivated by silver as it was thought to impart great benefits. Over time, a strong conviction arose that the manner in which it was used was connected with good health. Back in time, people believed that eating and drinking from silver ware brought about increased vitality. Early colonists who settled in the USA were believed to submerge articles made of silver in water casks ensuring that the contents would prevent spoiling. Even in today's world, in the remotest areas of the planet, this way is still at this time an accepted way to battle nasty pathogens.In today's world, there has been an awakening of interest in the ability of silver to heal.

Colloidal Silver, electrically charged ionic particles of silver, in absolutely clean water is presently widely available. Pharmaceutical antibiotics recently have become totally ineffective in curing certain illnesses because of the increasing mutation of most dangerous pathogens.

The testing of Colloidal Silver indicates that it is a slayer of single celled pathogens declared able to eliminate viruses inside of 6 minutes. One more advantage is that colloid of Silver can target in excess of many hundreds of bacteria whilst antibiotics prescribed by a doctor are only able to target a narrow range. No incidents of medication interaction have been shown.

Research suggests that Colloidal Silver, as can be demonstrated, offers an alternative choice if the need arises, to normally prescribed antibiotics. Without question, colloidal silver can be administered, without undue side effects, on children.

Eczema is an inflammatory condition of the skin that can occur anywhere on the body.

The painful skin condition, eczema, is caused by contact with an allergen. There are two types, namely, atopic and contact.

The symptoms show as itcy, inflamed, flaky skin often weeping and if scratched will bleed. Atopic eczema is the most common. It is most distressing in babies who sometimes show symptoms soon after birth. Whilst often the condition will vanish as the child grows older, it can return in later years. 

Colloidal silver, being an antibiotic, can be very helpful in controlling the condition.


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